On My Screen ~ Dolphin (OnlyOneOf]

So yeah, I have kind of been on a hiatus of sorts I guess. Taking care of family medical situations, navigating the slow return to an upcoming ‘office centric work environment’ and of course, the ever-annoying (mental and spiritual) journey through what seems to be an endless pandemic. Also, been struggling to find my writing READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Empty-Handed [H&D]

For someone who has never watched a single episode of any of the The Unit, Under Nineteen, or Produce 101 K-pop group survival programs, I certainly have a wealth of the shows’ alumni populating the Strictly Korean playlist. Late night Apple Music excavations are becoming a ritual fueled by findings such as this week’s Playlist Roulette pull, H&D’s Empty-Handed ~ yep, it’s a B-side READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ 내 눈에는 니가 (You In My Eyes) [Snuper]

I have to be honest, I am rather enjoying the buried deep in the Strictly Korean playlist pulls these days. Older releases from groups that have not debuted yesterday seems to be somewhat of a perfect fit for an awkward K-pop fan like myself. I may be awkward, but I like to think I have pretty READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Bandi & Luni’s [Ravi, Cold Bay, Xydo]

If you like Korean R&B as much as I do then it stands to reason you should (and maybe you already do) have Ravi and his gang over at Groovl1n on your radar. I know I am preaching to the Vixx choir, but for a newb like me who stumbled upon Ravi’s Groovl1n label by READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Without You [Golden Child]

  There are some days when I really consider hanging up my fangirl hat and becoming a food blogger or something completely removed from anything K-pop. But then when Sunday night rolls around I begin to feel an excited anticipation of what the Strictly Korean playlist will shuffle out and challenge me with in the READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Long Flight [Taeyong]

Journeys. Some feel that life in and of itself is one and sure, I can get on board with that. But break it down even further. Within this all-encompassing journey are probably some sub-journeys like education, career, love, and perhaps a more important one, the inner journey we take in discovering who we are and READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ Cry [MBLAQ]

I am going to need a moment. Maybe even several. I do not believe in coincidences; therefore, I am not going to say that it is coincidental that over the past week I have been musing over the fact that in addition to exploring newer groups as of late, many of those newer groups have READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ PicassO [OnlyOneOf]

I love it when the Strictly Korean playlist pushes a newer group to the forefront to get some exposure. OnlyOneOf arrived on the K-pop scene in May 2019 and are probably at the point now of shedding their rookie skin, finding their color and sound, and of course gaining momentum. The B-side track PicassO from their debut READ MORE

Playlist Roulette ~ 안녕히 계시죠 [Wheesung]

Well it seems like the Strictly Korean playlist has its algorithmic mind set on solo artists for the time being shuffling out a B-side from singer Wheesung’s fifth studio album, eternal essence of music. 안녕히 계시죠 is a rhythmic, soulful groove that reminds me of those R&B ballads of the 60’s, and is a nice and gentle way READ MORE