Playlist Roulette ~ PicassO [OnlyOneOf]

I love it when the Strictly Korean playlist pushes a newer group to the forefront to get some exposure. OnlyOneOf arrived on the K-pop scene in May 2019 and are probably at the point now of shedding their rookie skin, finding their color and sound, and of course gaining momentum. The B-side track PicassO from their debut album, dot point jump, really jumped out at me and hit me point blank in the core of my R&B heart.

I think it is no mistake that PicassO is a deep B-side track on the dot point jump mini album because were that it was a title track, the Korean censor patrol might have a problem. It is a very provocative song, and not because it references Picasso’s 1907 painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. There are simply some very provocative lyrics laced through this song which when coupled with the overall sensual R&B feel on the composition side, pushes it easily into baby-making music territory. Ok, let’s try to keep this PG-rated. But seriously, sultry lyrics hold no weight unless there are steamy vocals to back them up, and OnlyOneOf bring the steamy vocals to PicassO.

B-side means no MV, but there is audio.

Oh yeah, the vibe is smooth, the vocals on point, and the rap breaks well-placed and not aggressive or overbearing. I especially like when KB shows up around the 1:45 mark with that rap/sing combination. I will always appreciate a rapper who can sing and a singer who can rap. It is the best of both worlds. Overall, PicassO is a well-balanced, mature alternative R&B groove.

OnlyOneOf actually had a couple of single album releases back in May and August of this year that I missed (running directly over to Apple Music to download as soon as I finish writing). Keep your eyes and ears open around these gentlemen because they appear to be rubbing production shoulders with music industry bigs like Gray, BOYCOLD, and Cha Cha Malone. With cred like that in their corner, I would say we can expect good sounds to continue coming from OnlyOneOf.

[And, the visuals . . . ]

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