The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 686

Ever since acquainting myself with G.O and learning a little bit about his artistic journey, I have been on a quest to find as many copies of Tykeys’ Ty Project No. 1, literally the first full studio album he recorded (to my knowledge any way). When I find a copy, I buy it. This past week, I found another copy so that always seems to ignite my desire to revisit Tykeys’ performances and it occurred to me that 연상연하 [Old & Young], one of the two singles released from the album was a perfect candidate for a Vocal Virtuosity moment. Specifically, the live performance from the Tykeys showcase way back in February or March 2007. The studio version is great. But my favorite live version, vocally speaking, is the showcase performance.

Tykeys is a mainstay on my playlist. There is not one bad song on the entire Ty Project No. 1 album and in my limited knowledge of production, mixing and engineering, I feel that it is exceptionally well-produced. It really did not get the love it deserved. Nevertheless, and contrary to what he may say, I believe is it some of G.O’s finest vocal work. The man was born to sing.

연상연하 [Old & Young] is one of my personal favorites on the album.  I love G.O’s smooth neo-soul vocals as he pleads his case that his youth is no hindrance in an older woman/younger man relationship. I have to admit that I rather like the seemingly controversial subject matter of the song. Well, I don’t think it is that controversial but then, I tend to root for noona romances.^^

*Mr. JG, c’mon man*

I love! The one thing that G.O confirms for me over and over in addition to possessing pure talent, is that charisma is not cultivated, it just is. You are either born with it or not. And, G.O . . . totally born with it.


[Video cr. mgoon]


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