The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 687

I needed a moment to drink it all in. And then I needed a moment to let the news swirling around on New Year’s Day settle in that my beloved bias was dating. More importantly, I needed G.O himself to confirm the reports. I told myself I would not blog about it, nor share any news about it on the G.O International Fan Club site unless or until G.O himself confirmed what the press was saying: that he was and has been for months, dating actress Choi Ye Seul. And, he did. Yes, my forthright and blissfully happy bias confirmed the news on 2 January 2018 with a selca and message to his fans.

With heartfelt sincerity, G.O wrote:

Hello. This is G.O
Musool Year (the year of The Dog), Happy New Year!
This morning, there were familiar names on the word search rank.
I wanted tell you directly, so I’m sorry that the articles were faster than me. Even so, I think it is happy news.
Actually the most disappointing thing is my picture.
I feel I am stupid. I have experienced many things these 10 years following my debut in 2007 during my activities as a singer, though I did not gain much fame or reap the fruits that I expected.
Mostly, I have felt during that time, ‘It is really hard to have ‘a real person (companion) of my own’.
I suffered from the obsession of feeling I should be a needed person in work, love, friend, and there were few people who understood the ‘raw’ me.
Then, I met Choi Ye Seul while living a normal life.
She is considerate and is understanding.
I am really happy. And I believe this happiness could be a happy virus spread to the people who love me.
Even though I am of an adult age, I have not stopped making mistakes.
Sometimes I am not mature. Please understand me with an open heart like, ‘Oh that’s G.O.’
Thank you for reading this rambling letter.
Sincerely, thank you for rooting for me.
Happy New Year and be healthy.

So sweet. My only caveat to the beautiful couple is to take their time. To learn each other as they love each other. To be supportive, patient and understanding. And, to just enjoy each and every moment. They, and especially G.O, have my blessings and best wishes because at the end of the day folks, my wish has always been (and will always be) for G.O to be incandescently happy.^^


[Image cr. jung_g_o/Translation by Jena Han]


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