The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 672


I am sorry but lately Tykeys have commandeered my playlists and when that happens, I invariably want to share the greatness of G.O’s work. Even though I recently shared an I’m Sorry clip, I am traveling down that road once more here today as there can never be too much vocal virtuosity in an eight day span. I think G.O’s recent (and nostalgic) update where he posted a picture of himself from his Tykeys’ days has triggered my desire to revisit the memories and the music. Today a short clip of I’m Sorry (yes, again) from Tykey’s visit to the SBS Power FM Cultwo Show back on 2 August 2007.


As the hours, days, months and years pass pushing this particular era further into the ether of G.O’s history, I find myself making a point of listening to at least one Tykeys song a day. And I am not going to lie, I dream of G.O revisiting this genre of music, this neo-soul R&B that captured his attention and settled into his artistic DNA at such a young age. I really want him to go there again.

Reminiscing with Tykeys is always the perfect reminder that in these very early days of G.O’s career, he was indeed a very proficient and soulful vocalist. And as is evident from the Cultwo Show clip above, it doesn’t even take an entire song to prove it.



[Video cr. K dongwoo]

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