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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 663

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G.O continues to spoil us with his Instagram updates which have been consistently coming since February of this year. Yes, G.O has updated every month since February and often times has shared multiple updates. Such was the case Sunday, the 10th of December.

G.O started his Sunday early on the 10th when at around 7:00AM Korean Standard Time, he shared a picture from his Tykeys days. O M G! It is no secret around here that I love Tykeys so I am always thrilled when he gets nostalgic for this era. Of course, his point for sharing the particular picture he chose to share may have been his playful way of commenting on the weighty ear bling he wore back in those days.

His caption read:

귀가 무거웠던 시절

I interpret this as ‘The days when my ears were heavy’ or, when his ears were weighted by those big sparklers! My question is, does he still own that pair of earrings? In my opinion, G.O’s ears are aesthetically pleasing in both size and shape and would accommodate all types of earrings, these rocks included. But I will admit that I find smaller ear wear more attractive on him. A great example are the tiny studs he is wearing in the profile pic he currently has adorning his SNS accounts. Men and earrings do not always go well together but with G.O it is a definite win.

But wait . . . G.O was not finished updating on the 10th. In the early afternoon he updated with this selca . . .

. . . with a caption that read:

everybody I.A.I

Anyone able to crack this code? <hehe> Looks like a dressing/fitting room of some kind, doesn’t it? Perplexed as I was when I saw this update, it did not detract from how absolutely fine he is looking.~😍

Still not finished, he updated with a third:

Dreamy for sure but what is does it all mean? Could he be giving us hints about something? The question then becomes: what is that something?! ><


[Image cr. jung_g_o]


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