The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 671

Today I would like to pay simple homage to MBLAQ’s Japanese debut with one dreamy G.O One Shot from the Your Luv album release.

Oh my . . . this could easily be the cover of novel. It is simply stunning and G.O looks ravishingly gorgeous. I dare say he would make an exquisite, charming and charismatic vampire should he ever decide to pursue such a role in drama, film or yes, even musical. Vampires on the surface may conjure up connotations of evil; however, the one characteristic vampires throughout literary history have all possessed is the ability to lure with a magnetism that is impossible to escape. There is no defense. Of course, G.O is not a vampire but with his velvety voice and deep and penetrating gaze, he is able to cast a spell all of his own that renders us helpless to his incredible magnetic charm.


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