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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 402

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Just tell me how . . . how I can rid my heart of this pain? Just tell me how, how did I not see the love right here in front of me? Just tell me how, how it is that I have only seen you as a friend? Just tell me how, how is it that I love you now? This seems to be the running theme of Tykeys’ gospel-infused R&B song, 말해버려 [Just Tell Me], one of my absolute favorite cuts on the incredibly rich and neo-soulifric Ty Project No. 1. Every song on this wonderful album that features G.O’s expressive and impassioned vocals is a Vocal Virtuosity moment and I am thrilled to have the time to expose all of them before he concludes his military service.

Although G.O’s memories of his days with Tykeys may evoke sadness to some extent, he really cannot deny that the group made some incredible music and that the first of only two full studio albums (one with Tykeys and the other with MBLAQ) that he was a part of is indeed an early Korean R&B classic. It will forever remain one of my favorites pieces of work in G.O’s expansive portfolio of exquisite art.

말해버려 [Just Tell Me] is the quintessential perfect duet. And he and Su were absolute duet gold. This climatic vocal interplay is just  . . .

G.O:  난 영원히 [I am forever]
Su:   내 맘에[In my heart]
G.O:   사랑해 [I love you] . . . *melts*
Su:   내 눈에 [In my eyes]
Both:  가득 너를 담고 지금껏 기다린 걸 [I’ve been waiting for you]

말해버려 [Just Tell Me] ~ 

. . .  perfect.


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