The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 401

Quietly and gently today, I want to revisit the tender Still in Love. I remember being so excited about the release of this single back in February 2014 because I had just joined the fandom and I was getting to experience the release of new music from MBLAQ for the first time. True, it was not as exciting as the upcoming Broken promotions that followed, but for me it was very special in any event and I guess it kind of prepared me for the bigger stage and excitement of the group’s comeback. Plus, you have to remember, my attention by then was securely focused on G.O as I was preparing to travel to Seoul to see him for the very first time. When I listen to Still In Love, I am transported back to those early days of first discovery. Sigh….so special. Anyway, before I get too overly sentimental here (too late!), let’s travel to Osaka and a focused fan cam of G.O as the group performed this sweet ballad back on 13 March 2014. It is Fan-Camming Friday after all!

I was so completely smitten with the style and sophistication of the CD packaging and MV for Still In Love. I also happen to really like the song and specifically G.O’s tender vocals. In this Osaka cam, he is so utterly dreamy.

When I listen to G.O sing in any language, I hear something more than just the language the song is being sung in. I am having difficulty finding the best way to describe what I mean. We have heard G.O sing in Korean, English, and Japanese yet I think the true language he sings in is the language found in the music of his heart. So whether it is Korean, English, Japanese, or any other language he aspires to sing in, it really does not matter whether we understand the lyrics because G.O has the incredible ability to make us feel what he is singing.

Vocalists are not always able to connect with a song, but G.O is not one of those kind of vocalists. No, I truly believe he is the rare kind who has discovered a secret passage into the psyche of a song and is magnificently able to connect each and every time, any genre, and . . . in any language.


[Video cr. 링링]


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