The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 380

Late summer, early autumn 2014 had MBLAQ doing a bit of a concert crawl of sorts around South Korea which was amazing for their A+. From the end of August until the beginning of October, they graced many stages. However, it was during this time that things began to unravel for the group leading of course to the Curtain Call shows and ultimate reorganization of the group. But I don’t want to rehash those difficult times again. I do, however, wish to share a compilation fan cam of our endearing main vocal in the throes of 남자답게 [Be A Man] over the course of August – October 2014 as it is Fan-Camming Friday.

The one constant…wait, check that, the two constants during the autumn shows of 2014 were: (1) G.O’s impeccable vocals and (2) how gorgeous and sophisticated he looked in the various suits worn during the shows. This compilation fan cam is especially nice in that we get to see the array of suits that accompanied and complemented G.O each time he took the stage.

I admit that there is some sadness that comes with watching these particular performances now; however, at the time, just drinking in the sights and sounds of watching this truly gifted and professional artist is enough to ease that sorrow for at the time, we were all oblivious. And in that unawareness, there certainly was an enormous amount of bliss.


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