The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 379

It is Thursday and my first full day back to reality after a recent trip to Seoul which I find to always be magical even if I am there for no particular reason. Well, truth be told, I actually planned to be there for a couple of reasons. First, I thought Seung Ho would perform through the end of February in his musical Sabita; and second, I kind of wanted to be there to commemorate G.O completing one year of his military service.  I accomplished one so for that my trip was successful! Whenever I leave Seoul, I feel nostalgic. For this 379th day of G.O’s service then, a little Throwback Thursday as I travel way back to May 2010 when MBLAQ hit the stage in Changwon (G.O’s birthplace) for the Miss Korea 2010 Pageant to share some photographic moments captured of our charismatic main vocal.

Maybe long-standing fans (like from debut) find it sad to look back on these early moments in MBLAQ’s history given the current situation and dynamic of the group. I understand that very much. But celebrating G.O for me indeed includes the opportunity to look back. Looking back on performances, activities, pictures, videos, etc., reintroduces him to me (and hopefully others) over and over. And while things may get redundant here, they are never short on entertainment or….emotion.

These moments from the past are all part of G.O’s meaningful journey. And I am certain he himself would tell us that not all parts of that journey were particularly fun and were even perhaps painful. I am always hoping the good ones stand out however, and hold in his memory stronger.

As his fan, I accept all of the ebbs and flows of that journey. For I will always want him to find calm in the knowledge that no matter how long the road may be, in good times and in bad, I will be there to support him through it.



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