The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 381

Inasmuch as MBLAQ’s 12 February 2012 Inkigayo performance of 전쟁이야 [This Is War] was in fact a good-bye stage and the song serious and intense, it still did not deter G.O from some playful stage antics in any event. It is a well-established fact that I find G.O’s quiet and simmering sex appeal outrageously attractive. What makes him even more disarming is the fact that his brand of sexy is twofold. Yes, it’s true. Whether he is caught up in the passionate emotion of a song or in the throes of complete mischief, the man is the very definition of attractive and sexy. For today, I am choosing a Playful G.O moment that confirms that even at his mischievous and playful best, G.O is simply irresistible.

전쟁이야 [This Is War] is a fiercely sexy song. Everything about it from the musicality of the song itself, the lyrics, the choreography and all of the intensity the glorious men of MBLAQ bring to the stage during every performance, it is a feast for all of the senses.

But when the work is concluded and our cheeky main vocal is allowed to play . . . well, it is clear the entertainment does not stop when the last note is sung.

Moreover, G.O does not spend all he has in his mischief bank on the fans. His MBLAQ brothers are at more risk I think.~^^ Frankly, I have a feeling G.O would engage all who will allow him, including our often subdued and serious leader.

ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

He has a pretty smooth dancing left hook, if I do say so myself. Playful. Adorable. And yes . . . sexy.


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