The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 356

My recent time travel to 2007 keeps coaxing me back for more, and with good reason. I have denied myself the pleasure of sharing Tykeys’ 연상연하 [Old and Young] for almost a year now. Yes…a year!! The second single from their amazing Ty Project No. 1 is a stand out neo-soul treasure all about (what some may deem) the forbidden love between a younger man and older woman. And as many of you know, there was a MV released along with the song…starring our dreamy main vocal as the leading ‘younger’ man.

Before I share the MV for this R&B treasure, I want to take a moment to point out that if you were born to sing like G.O and Soo were, the live stage is truly the only place where you can lay it all on the line, connect with the audience and, I kind of hate to say this, prove that an artist can maintain the integrity of a recorded studio version of a song as well as OR even better when singing live. I LOVE hearing G.O sing live. And I LOVE to watch him perform because I appreciate the way he connects to a song. Sure, many live performances often come with choreography, that is all part of the stage visual. But the moments in between the choreography when the music is flowing through him, when G.O is feeling every note, bonding with every lyric, that is when the perfect interpretation of his artistry unfolds.

The date: 12 August 2007. The stage: Inkigayo. G.O (then Jang Goon) is so young here, yet so poised and mature in his presence and performance . . . I only wish he was given more love from the camera, but then I am greedy and I always want him to be in the spotlight.

OMG…..this song, this song, this SONG! Seriously, you have to admit that had Tykeys released this song now, it would hold its own on the R&B charts with anything else being offered up today. My point is that the music Tykeys made back in 2007 would be just as relevant now, tens years later.

Here now, the tantalizing MV:

Steamy, right? RIGHT? Sometimes I think G.O leaving home at such an early age to pursue his dreams of being a musician required him to grow up and mature at a faster pace than say many would have at such a tender age. But when you know what you want and have the passion and desire to go after it, age is really of no importance.

This is going to sound so absolutely corny, but I am old so I can get away with it. I am so proud of this young man and it is such an honor to support him. I can only hope that on his journey thus far G.O realizes how far he has come and is truly aware of the amazing things he has accomplished (and has yet to accomplish). I also hope he knows that if I have anything to say about it, his talent will reach every corner of the world. I am determined to see that happen!~^^



[Video cr. SBS; 건방진난이]

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