The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 355

We are literally ten days away from seeing G.O complete his first full year of service. I know it is probably ridiculous, but I seem to be in a countdown within a countdown mode. Little mini milestones. When it comes to G.O I guess it does not take much to make me happy. Admittedly, being able to celebrate him daily has been a lot of fun and…I don’t know, I am always excited when I get to sit down and write about him. Today I will keep it simple ~ I always say that and then something happens and I shoot off like a firecracker…but I promise this time. Usually within the Windows To Your Soul: The G.O Eye Connect sub-category, I like to share a video. Today, I will simply share a couple of pictorial moments of his disarming eye connect from the Lotte World Angel Price Festival show back in April 2011.

Perhaps that fierce looking jacket of his was provoking some intense and penetrating gaze game. But then, G.O’s gaze game is always on point. I can only describe a gaze such as this as incendiary. In fact, I am surprise he has not set some cameras ablaze. I rather appreciate when the unrelenting emotion of an aggressive song erupts equally as explosive through G.O’s eyes as it does through his voice.

But I cannot deny how absolutely charming G.O is when he throws a mischievous look your way as if he has discovered a secret about you that no one else knows, and challenges you to stop him from playfully revealing it.

* *Tooooo cute* *


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