The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 340

Other than getting the opportunity to talk about G.O every day, another plus about this series for me is going back and watching performances or MVs that I may have not watched in a good long while (or sometimes never even seen before ~ it happens). I have to admit that often times, it feels like I am experiencing the excitement of seeing these moments for the first time all over again. I woke up this morning and I really felt like hearing, seeing and experiencing some Tykeys. True, every day I rev my playlist up, there is a good chance that a Tykeys song will find its way into the shuffle – it’s a given for me. A little visual provocation will always boost the experience and such is the case when watching the MV for Tykeys’ classic R&B groove, I’m Sorry

Dipping into the past today, like in nearly ten years ago past. Can you even believe that at this time ten years ago, G.O was preparing to debut in his first group, the Korean R&B trio, Tykeys? He is so young and yet it sometimes feels as if he has lived a lifetime, well at least as an entertainer/artist. I probably should have waited and shared this MV moment next month to mark the release of Tykeys’ first and only album as with it came the release of two very well-made MVs.

But why wait? I think I have created too many rules for myself for this series so I am done with that. No more rules. Just a non-stop barrage of G.O love. And today, Day 340, that love comes in the form of sharing the intense and emotional MV for the first single Tykeys released from their ah-mazing album, Ty Project No. 1.

It has been awhile since I watched this MV and I have be honest and tell you that I was screaming at my laptop screen, a lot. I completely forgot about all of the incredible visuals of G.O captured throughout the video. It is hard to believe that he was all of about 19 or 20 at this time for his grounded mature presence here is undeniable.

Although these screen shots are nowhere near HD quality (was HD even around in 2007?), I can assure you that the camera loved G.O from every angle, near or far.

And how about the song? I’m Sorry was indeed a good choice to debut the group for it showcased the strengths of all three members, specifically the vocals of Su and G.O, and had a catchy chorus line. It sticks with you once you hear it. Remember how I mention often, and in more than one post, how much I love when G.O sings in his lower range? Yes. We get a sweet taste of it here in this song. But also evident is his incredible range and expert improvisational skills. When he unleashes during the final choruses, his voice is just……

I do hope G.O brings back some of this neo-soul vibe in the new music he is hopefully preparing to shower us with when he has completed his service. Having the benefit of the many hours he has invested in perfecting his craft and all of life’s experiences he has endured along the way, I can only imagine how rich and full his voice will sound, especially after this long (but quickly moving) hiatus.

I cannot wait.


[Video cr. tv팟]

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