The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 341

It is without question that G.O can create emotional reaction with his vocals. Whether he sings tenderly or with powerful lamentation, you feel something when he releases the notes. I also concede that the visuals captured of him singing are equally powerful. Much like a painter or sculptor must paint or sculpt the story of his art on a canvas or in stone, a singer must become the canvas of the song which moves through him as he sings. Yes, I will repeat that which I have said over and over, I love the way music moves through G.O. He and his music are an amazing blend of sound and visuals, even when he is simply standing on the stage with a single spotlight illuminating his tender presence. For this G.O One Shot day, some captures of music moving through this brilliant young artist as seen (and felt) during the Blaq% Tour.

No rules . . . just G.O

When G.O sweeps you up into his artistic journey with music moving through him and into the atmosphere, the sound (the vibration) will not pause once it reaches your ears. No. G.O’s music was not meant to be merely listened to, it was meant to be experienced and felt. In the brief moment when G.O opens his eyes while singing, he invites you in. Take the leap for he is a tender and patient guide, but be prepared to feel, be really prepared to feel.


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