The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 339

I honestly do not believe I could have envisioned a better special stage than the one G.O was given during MBLAQ’s Men In Blaq concert, back in August 2011. From a visual perspective when I watch it, my first thought is always . . . my god, a star was so being born at that moment. The romantic stage backdrop, the soft lights, the elevated platform and G.O’s angelic voice were all breathtaking. G.O’s stage during that tour featured his first digital single, 내 꿈에서라도 [Even In My Dreams], and is the perfect frame and foundation for today’s Vocal Virtuosity moment on this 339th day of our amazing main vocal’s service.

너를 원하고 또 원하는 나 사랑도 못하는 나
[Me, who wants you and wants you, I can’t even love]
이렇게 맘 아픈데
[My heart hurts this much]
내 맘 전해질 수 있도록 꽉 잡아줄게 네 손을 이렇게
[I’ll hold your hand tightly like this so I can show you my feelings]
오직 너 하나만 바라볼래 내 사랑을 다 줄래
[I only want to look at you, I want to give you all my love]
내 품에 널 안을래 돌아선 네 맘을 돌릴
[I want to put you in my embrace, I’ll look forward to you smiling at me]
수 있는 날 보며 웃어주는
[Who can change your changed feelings]
내 꿈에서라도
[Even in my dreams]

Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the romance that oozes from G.O’s heart via the lyrics he writes. The words and phrases that pour from him in 내 꿈에서라도 are clearly the words of a man who has lost love, who is trying to regain love, yet who remains desperately romantic while woefully waiting for love to return, if only in his dreams.

오직 너 하나만 바라볼래 내 사랑을 다 줄래
[I only want to look at you, I want to give you all my love]

If you are a hopeless romantic like me, do you read these words and think, I would give anything to hear these words from the man I love? Hearing G.O sing those words only increases the longing.

The lyrics of this beautiful ballad make it tug at every corner of your heart. However, the gorgeous and melodic composition at its foundation along with the arrangement, really sweep you into a comforting reverie that is only compounded by G.O’s soothing vocals.

I even love the soft taupe colored vest and jacket G.O wears in this special stage performance. It looks absolutely gorgeous over his black shirt and jeans with a cut that is both sophisticated and stylish; but, I love the color, it looks exquisite on him.

The entire production of this performance was amazing. If I ever get the opportunity to ask him, I really want to know what it felt like to stand on that elevated platform and see the entire expanse of the crowd looking up at him as he sang. It had to be magical for both him and the audience.


I think in the final year of G.O’s service, I will choose to make this series top heavy with Vocal Virtuosity moments. I like to mix things up here ~ but truth be told, I would be perfectly satisfied sharing as many moments of him singing as I can possibly find.

You would be okay with that too, right?


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