The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 241

Yesterday I began to take a look at G.O’s lunar astrological sign, the Fire Rabbit. Turned out to be a much longer post than I anticipated and I still had a couple more aspects I wanted to touch on so will wrap it up here on his 241st Day of service. The more cerebral and emotional side of the demure rabbit could possibly be where we can see a deeper connect between G.O and his furry lunar sign.

Fire Rabbit – The Mental

In Chinese mythology, the Rabbit serves as a symbol of longevity. That is fortuitous because, out of all of the signs, the Rabbit is most apt to find happiness and contentment and is considered very fortunate. Add the Fire element to this sign and you have Rabbits that have more strength of character than their counterparts which make them more capable of experiencing many successes in life. Perhaps this is due in part to this Rabbit’s ability to persistently seek solutions when encountering difficulties or intuitively knowing how to bring out the best in themselves and others. I think about this dynamic in connection with G.O’s career.

He sought out to become an artist, a singer.  He landed in a group situation not once, but twice. Within these groups he excelled individually, but also as an essential component of the group, specifically with MBLAQ where as a writer and composer, helped create balance among five (and now three) with not only prudence (which is indicative of a Rabbit’s highly developed sense of justice and fairness) but also with deep and true faithfulness to the group.

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Fire Rabbits are blessed with analytical minds, love to read, and have a tireless intellectual curiosity. I touched on G.O’s intellect in my High IQ-tie post. I am already convinced he is a brainiac! They have large vocabularies and are very skillful speakers. Additionally, they pay attention to every detail and are great purveyors of human nature. Rabbits delight in dissecting people and situations. This can be unnerving in that they will often see a person’s faults and shortcomings before those people realize they even have them! Rabbits are simply that tuned in. They also can convince you of just about anything. But, Rabbits are the soul of tact, very considerate with the purest intentions. They believe in their heart that being nice costs nothing and as such will always be civil, even to their absolute worst enemy (but in reality, they have so few enemies simply because they are the soul of graciousness, good manners, and kindness). Simply put, they are very well-liked and popular.

Much like its Western astrology counterpart, Scorpio, Fire Rabbits seek to uncover that which is not always visible to the eye. They delve deep into a subject unearthing facts and information others would simply give up on trying to find! They are cautious and careful, however, and analyze every angle before committing to anything.

Fire Rabbit – The Personality

Fire adds an unspoken magnetism and mystery to the Rabbit.

The Fire element gives the otherwise reserved Rabbit a fun-loving and affectionate nature. People respond to Fire Rabbits because of their easy and natural way with people. Gentle and kind, a Rabbit will be a fantastic friend and is generally a giver rather than taker. They are very friendly and sociable and indeed like the Scorpio, this Rabbit exudes a magnetism that is difficult to ignore.

However, the unpredictability of fire renders the Fire Rabbit a little less in control of emotions, especially in comparison to other rabbits in the zodiac and this is because the Fire Rabbit tends to feel things far more intensely than others. I recall reading in an interview once where G.O mentioned that he often let his emotions get the better of him. Being an intensely passionate Scorpio only adds to the fire!

However, the fire aspect in this sign also makes this particular Rabbit more courageous and dynamic. This Rabbit is not adverse to adventure, travel or challenges. This makes me think of how G.O, at such an early age, decided to pursue music. Choosing a profession in the performing arts indeed takes an immense amount of courage.

Elegant both physically and intellectually, Rabbits will always be distinguished by a sense of refinement and their cultured views epitomize gentleness and elegance.

In an interview back in 2011, G.O was asked what he might be up to in ten years. In addition to producing music (including his own album) and continuing to express himself through music, he also stated that he would travel and see the world. The mark of a truly adventurous soul, indeed. I believe travel is extremely enriching, expands the intellect that, which along with creativity and inspiration, feeds the artist and his art. For a musician this is particularly true in that visiting various places around the globe exposes him to the incredible variety of music worldwide which he then can integrate to his own art. I have a feeling G.O would probably understand what I mean.^^

So…what do you think? From what little I have shared of the Fire Rabbit, do you think G.O fits the description? Or, do you think the science of lunar astrology is just a bunch of nonsense and G.O is simply G.O, a product of the earth-bound atmosphere to which he was born, nurtured and raised?

Maybe it is a little bit of both.


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