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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 241

Yesterday I began to take a look at G.O’s lunar astrological sign, the Fire Rabbit. Turned out to be a much longer post than I anticipated and I still had a couple more aspects I wanted to touch on so will wrap it up here on his 241st Day of service. The more cerebral and emotional side of the demure rabbit could possibly be where we can see a deeper connect between G.O and his furry lunar sign.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 240

I am in tune with the pulse of the universe.
In my quiet and solitude, I hear the melodies of the soul.
I am the Rabbit.

It is easy to discount astrology and its overall credibility due in part to the over saturation of its commercialism. I totally get it and understand. But underneath it all, as I pointed out in my 116 Reasons post of a million years ago regarding G.O’s western solar astrological sign Scorpio, there is a science to it. And, just as I loved that he was born under the mercurial sign of Scorpio (in the West), I am equally intrigued by the fact that G.O was born in the lunar year of The Fire Rabbit (in the East).

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