The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 240

I am in tune with the pulse of the universe.
In my quiet and solitude, I hear the melodies of the soul.
I am the Rabbit.

It is easy to discount astrology and its overall credibility due in part to the over saturation of its commercialism. I totally get it and understand. But underneath it all, as I pointed out in my 116 Reasons post of a million years ago regarding G.O’s western solar astrological sign Scorpio, there is a science to it. And, just as I loved that he was born under the mercurial sign of Scorpio (in the West), I am equally intrigued by the fact that G.O was born in the lunar year of The Fire Rabbit (in the East).

A Scorpio and a Fire Rabbit? The universe certainly did plan G.O’s birth with expert precision, if you ask me. Although a water sign in western astrology, Scorpios have fiery natures so it seems fitting then that he was born in the year of the Fire Rabbit.

Where western astrology relies on planetary positions in relationship to the cycles of the sun, Chinese astrology focuses on similar movements as they pertain to the moon. Originated during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti in 2637 B.C., the Chinese lunar calendar is currently in its 78th sixty year cycle. A complete lunar cycle is 60 years and is made up of 5 twelve year cycles. The current cycle began in 1984 and will end in 2044.

Legend has it that Lord Buddha appointed an animal sign to each of those five 12 year cycles and that he summoned all of those animals to bid him farewell when he left the Earth. Instead of 60 animals appearing, only 12 showed up. As a token of his appreciation, Buddha named a year for each animal in the order they arrived: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar. The animal that rules the year of one’s birth is said to have profound influence over the person’s life. In fact, there is a Chinese saying, “this is the animal that hides in your heart.” During the complete 60 year cycle, each of the animal signs are combined with the five main elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

What I was not aware of is that as in western astrology, Chinese lunar astrology also has rising, or ascendant, signs which are determined by the time of birth. Since I do not know what time G.O was born, I do not know which sign is his ascendant sign so I will just be discussing the general aspects of the Rabbit, with a a little detail to the element associated with his sign, Fire. Let’s see if he fits the description! Incidentally, both Seung Ho and Lee Joon are also Fire Rabbits – yet the three could not be more different – however all three do share one aspect of the Rabbit that is indicative of a person born under this sign: they are all gifted in the arts and excel in music, performing, dance, voice and other forms of the fine arts.

Fire Rabbit – The Physical

Men born under the sign of the gracious Rabbit are generally of medium height and slender. They are characteristically supple with firm muscles.

That seems about right.^^ Standing a little over 5’8, I would consider this furry bunny of medium height indeed. To a shorty like me, however, he is tall. Although G.O is of solid frame and muscular, there is still a softness about him. Supple sums it up quite nicely actually.

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit often have features that are considered regular, however not delicate. They tend to have high foreheads and very straight and well-proportioned noses. Agree.

Inasmuch as they possess firm musculature, the suppleness mentioned above lends itself well where movement is concerned. Rabbits have a natural gift for dancing.

ㅋㅋㅋ~Love him.

Kidding aside, G.O can dance and move quite well.


Additionally, Rabbits have bright searching eyes. As a Scorpio, I believe G.O also has very penetrating eyes. I appreciate that those born under the sign of the Rabbit are considered to have searching eyes in that there is no doubt that G.O seems to be an eye contact kind of guy, looking to connect, to learn and to engage. The inquisitive Scorpio in him commands that he look deeply into whatever it is before him, including people. Much like the Scorpio, Rabbits have a superior ability to assess people and situations. If you get the sublime privilege of locking eyes with this charming Rabbit, he is most likely assessing, connecting and communicating with you without you even realizing it.

The organ of the body ruled by the sign of the Rabbit is the heart. As such, Rabbits are warned to take heed in protecting it. It is quite interesting to me that G.O is born under a sign that has the heart as its most influential and sensitive body part. Perhaps the truest connect between G.O and his Rabbit sign, physically speaking, is that the Rabbit is characteristically soft-spoken, and graceful, Yes, the Rabbit is the soul of graciousness.

So….do the Fire Rabbit and G.O seem like a fit astrologically speaking? I am seeing a bit of a connect. But in actuality, it is difficult to assess honestly without really knowing him. His friends and family would be the ultimate jury!! Still, it is kind of interesting to speculate.~^^

Tomorrow, I will offer a little more about the connection between G.O and his lunar sign.


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