[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #10 Another Cover to Love ~ Rise & Fall


Yes, this is the reason that just keeps giving! Actually, I think I am slacking a little bit. Another oversight on my part for failing to include this very early cover of G.O, along with his Tykeys band mates, performing the soulful Rise & Fall. Maybe I need to spend some time in fangirl detention.


Complete fangirl fail. Can you believe I also have this one uploaded to my collection on my You Tube channel? How did I miss it?? I completely forgot about it. Yet, in researching for my next 116 Reasons post, Google graciously lead me right to my very own video. Is this a sign of old age????? >.<


I actually love unearthing these early videos of G.O in Tykeys. Every note he sang in those early days were stepping stones leading him to where he is today. In 2007, however, Tykeys were definitely on their way to carving a niche in Korean R&B with their soulful style. They brought that style to British R&B recording artist, Craig David’s 2002 hit (cowritten and featuring Police frontman, Sting), Rise & Fall.

In a grainy video, probably in their practice room, Tykeys added their own brand of Korean neo-soul to the song:

Sometimes I sit and ask myself, is G.O’s love of music even measurable?


  1. rucci87 says:

    this is gold.. i personally love this song since my high school days..
    i didnt expect that he covered this song during his tykeys days.. as his fans since 2011 (tho i noticed him since his debut with mblaq) im pretty sure that i have quite similar taste in music as him..
    all the songs that he covered back in Tykeys’ days are my favs.. when i found out that he loves Christina Aguilera’s Hurt, I was surprised because that song is one of my fav songs and has special meaning to me.
    Maybe because we’re both 87line and we listened to similar songs and what’s hot back in the days..
    I wonder if listens to Charlie Puth’s songs too because I always imagine him singing Suffer.

    • Michele says:

      Wouldn’t it be fabulous if he recorded an album of covers or, even better, an entire album in English of his own compositions? Or wait…how about a full solo album. Period.!!! The man deserves to release a solo album. I love that he has such wide and eclectic tastes in music. His love of music is awe-inspiring. I would not doubt for a second he is familiar with Charlie Puth…and he would slay Suffer. For real.

  2. Nan says:

    Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to G.O. if Tykeys hadn’t broken up. I like to think though, that it all happened for a reason. To create the super talent he is today. Even with 2 leaving MBLAQ… I like to think it just gives the remaining 3 (especially G.O.)… even more chance to shine.

    • Michele says:

      I think about that all the time and long to know what happened and where Su is. I listen to Tykeys quite a bit. I think before they broke up, talks were in place for G.O to record a solo album. I can only image how amazing that would have been. In fact, there is still (most likely inactive) daum cafe for Tykeys and one of the last posted entries was right around his birthday and all about that solo album. I don’t know if he posted it or if it was posted by a cafe admin, but it is there. Whenever he steps on the stage he shines but yes, he definitely can exercise that main vocal position more now. I absolutely love how they stage Mirror in their live performances with him in the center. I truly hope we see lots and lots of things from him in way of writing, composing, collaborations, musical theater, everything. He is such a talented young man – and such a sweet one as well!^^

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