You Know You’re A Fangirl When . . .


You know you are a fangirl when… walk into your neighborhood arts and crafts store seeking a frame for the free poster you received when you purchased the latest CD of your fave group. Then, you realize that since the poster is of foreign birth, its dimensions differ from the standard sized frames available on US shelves. What’s a fangirl to do?

The answer: custom framing.

2015-08-31 11_49_37-150620 음악중심 엠블랙 거울 캡쳐 _ 네이버 블로그

My story has a point. Trust me.

Custom framing is usually reserved for meaningful art of various media. Only a fangirl would understand the importance of preserving a photographic memento of her beloved group (or bias), even when said photographic memento comes in its most base form. In this case, a multi-produced poster that record stores voraciously handed out with purchase of MBLAQ’s latest CD,  Mirror.

2015-08-31 11_50_19-150620 음악중심 엠블랙 거울 캡쳐 _ 네이버 블로그

This past Friday evening I marched right up to the custom framing counter, poster in hand, and what transpired exceeded my imagination and expectations. In fact, I was almost prepared to be met with disdain and ridicule. It’s not like I am 16, or even a mom to a raging 16-year-old fan girl, for that matter. I am a grown woman. I should be bringing in some nice Monet print to be framed to hang in my dining room, right? Well, I never claimed to be mainstream and/or normal!

John, the clerk handling my project at hand, however, proved to be more inquisitive and interested than I had anticipated.  When he began the preliminary measurements of the poster, the first thing he said to me was: “This is not from the United States, is it?” Once I confirmed it was, in fact, a product of South Korea, and the subjects of the poster therein also products of South Korea, that opened up an entire discussion about Korean popular music, the marketing of Korean music and, more importantly, MBLAQ.

2015-08-31 11_51_22-150621 인기가요 엠블랙 거울 캡쳐 _ 네이버 블로그

John advised me that he had some knowledge of K-pop, but I was quick to point out that MBLAQ was a bit different from the many popular Korean music groups of today because, well, they are. John wanted to know if I had ever seen them perform live. He had to go there. I was no longer customer Michele. I was love-struck fangirl Michele divulging my escapades complete with breathless animation and squee. If there is CCTV footage of that moment, it could quite possibly be incriminating or, at best, confirm star beams shooting from my eyes!

John became even more intrigued and announced that he was going to ‘look these guys up.’ Because I adore MBLAQ, and especially Mr. Main Vocal Man, G.O, and I want the entire world to know about them, I then announced to John that I would return the next day with a complimentary copy of Mirror (their latest CD) to have for his very own. He was thrilled. Let me point out here for a second. John was most likely late 30’s, early 40-ish. So imagine my delight to meet a somewhat, sort of, possibly kindred spirit at my local craft store. Who knew??

I returned promptly moments after the store opened the next morning to carry through on my promise and gifted John his very own copy of Mirror. He was surprised, but truly appreciative. I suppose he thought I was all talk. That I wasn’t really going to come back and give him a free CD. Not only was he going to learn a little bit about MBLAQ, he was going to get a taste of my particular form of fandom etiquette!^^


I gave him the quick 411 on Mirror and let him know how our brilliant trio set the CD up with four instrumental compositions designed to introduce the four vocal pieces. I told him the beauty and benefit of getting a physical copy of a CD from South Korea is in the detail  and creativity of the packaging. I also mentioned he would get a photo card of one of the three members, although it was a mystery as to which one. The intrigue I created the night before introducing MBLAQ in poster paper form was coming full circle that morning.

So what’s my point in even sharing this adventure? Well I have been trying to figure out ways to tell the world (at least my corner of the world) about MBLAQ and more specifically, G.O. Ways that stretch beyond social media. I realized that when you least expect it, opportunities arise often in the most unlikely places, and often with the most unlikely people.  What may seem unimportant on the surface could very well change the course of things.

I know that MBLAQ has a fandom in the US. It may not have the numbers or force of other fandoms, but it is present and its slow and steady heartbeat is gaining strength. I feel a shift in the momentum. I also feel Seung Ho, G.O and Mir are indeed aware of us. So if John has a wife, daughters, sons, nieces or nephews, and he decides to share MBLAQ with them, who knows, the A+ army may ultimately welcome more recruits. Hey….it could happen!^^

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  1. kfangurl says:

    Aw! What a fun surprise for you, and for him too! Randomly meeting a kindred k-spirit is always cause for celebration – & yay you, for enjoying it, AND maximizing it, to the fullest! Hugs!

    PS: I am so not surprised that you’d custom-frame that poster, btw! 😉

    • Michele says:

      Young Miss…hello!!! Seriously, when my fangirl adventures begin to spill over onto my own turf, there are bigger things at play! Hopefully this momentum transitions into the men of MBLAQ actually showing up in my city (or at least country) to regale us with their fabulousness! It probably comes as no surprise that I am working on that!!! With this poster, I was initially just going to try to manipulate it to abide by US standard frame rules but ultimately knew that I was compromising the artistic integrity of the poster! How dare I be so bold!!! It will look stunning in my music nook. Oh yes, I have become so inspired that I am creating a music nook in my home and since they (well G.O, specifically) have been such a strong force at the helm of that inspiration, I owe them due respect!!

      Let’s try to catch up soon!!!!!!!! Miss you!^^~

  2. rucci87 says:

    When is the last time I visited your blog? But, nevermind.. When I saw the first picture, it reminded me of my first group that I stan.. I frame all their poster that I have.. I dont know why I decided to frame it.. It was random.

    I remember that day,it was few years ago.. I asked my dad to bring me to frame shop and he asked why..I said just bring me, and he did.
    We went to few shops to survey the price. Thank goodness I found an old shop runs by a Chinese old man. The custom frame cost me for $10-15 depends on the size. Quite cheap! Few days later I came to collect my framed poster and my dad was like “you asked me to bring you here just to get your posters framed???” and I just laughed it off..

    Until now, the posters still in good condition.. But I haven’t get a chance to do it for MBLAQ posters since it’ll cost me more money if I send it all..(ughh money why you no grow on a tree?)
    Some people might say we are crazy and wasting money doing things like this..but I’ve seen fans of The Beatles or some western rock bands doing the same and no one say anything about why can’t we?

    I hope John will like MBLAQ’s songs and spread the Blaq virus to his (if he has one) wife,daughters,friends etc..

    • Michele says:

      Hey you….it has been a while! Hope you are well! I LOVE that you had posters custom-framed. And see, by preserving them in frames, they are as good as new today. Otherwise, they would be taped to a wall and ultimately fade or, remained rolled up in a corner of one’s closet. They are art, after all, may as well treat them as such!! I admit this is my first and what I would have given for it to be $10-15!!!!! But I agree, it may seem trivial and even ridiculous (my mother commented that I could have bought a couple of pieces of furniture for my house instead ><), but preserving something of heartfelt importance is never a bad idea. Your dad and my mom, obviously on the same page!

      I think the Mirror poster is artistic and visually spectacular in both scope and composition. I know having it placed securely in a frame was the right thing to do!!! It will go well with my music nook which, by the way, is in reality my dining room. But, whatever…..screw convention!! Thank you for visiting! And when you find that money tree, cut a few branches off and send my way so I can replant a few on my end!!^^

  3. Nan says:

    I don’t blame you for wanting to frame your poster. I confess I’d probably try to get framed in something the standard size… just beause I know custom framing costs an arm and a leg, LOL
    But you know, it’s G.O., so I can sort of understand where you’re coming from. Plus as it is the first work of MBLAQ as a trio. (Or as I tend to refer to their music… MBLAQ 5 pack or MBLAQ 3 pack.) LOL
    I know I’ve created at least one fangirl, though she doesn’t claim a bias… Yet.
    And I confess I do sometimes talk to strangers about how I discovered K-drama and K-pop.
    Want to know a secret? I’ve considered making “Introduction card” for a couple of my favorite K-artists. I think it would be a great way for people to get to know them & quickly too!

    • Michele says:

      Yes…I admit to having no boundaries when it comes to Byung Hee!^^ I think the intro card is a great idea!! I often thought ‘contact cards’ for fans would be a nice idea too. You go to a show or event and have a contact card with well, your contact info – perhaps structured for your own particular fandom. So in my case, it would be A+ with my bias, G.O (I would use a pic of him that I took) and then the card would have my name and any contact info I would want to divulge: email, mobile number, twitter ID, etc. It would be a great way to stay in contact, make contact, and introduce yourself to other fans!! So I say go forth with your idea!

      I indirectly introduced MBLAQ without intending to ~~> Once when I took my car to be washed, they motioned that it was done and when I walked up to it, it was blaring MBLAQ’s Baby U!! All of the guys working at that particular car wash were Latin so I just found it to be hilarious! They were jamming to a Korean band singing in Japanese. Classic!

      Oh by the way, going back to posters, I would like to offer you a poster of Rain – it is a double-sided poster so you would have a difficult time deciding which side to display, but it is from his Nature Republic campaign. If you would like it, I would love to send it to you! If you are interested, email me ( where I should ship.^^

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