The Fangirl Adventure Log: When Your Bias Notices YOU and Says Hello

GO Come Here

Oh Byung Hee…….you really did make my recent visit to Seoul special beyond my wildest dreams. And following your curious inquisition as to where I was from, you continued to surprise me with your gregarious and delightful fan service.

On April 15, 2014 I once again made my way to the Universal Arts Center to watch G.O’s magnificent performance in Seopyeonje – for the third time. Some may think that it was probably overkill to go back more than once to see a theatrical performance. But this is G.O and I honestly did not believe at that time there would ever be another opportunity to see him perform live. Given the fact that MBLAQ has not scheduled any concert dates north of the Mexican border, it seemed pretty clear I was not going to get the opportunity to see him perform. Hence, the trip to Seoul. And, if I am going to travel all that way, I certainly was not going to do it for one single show!! I was going to drown myself in Dong Ho and follow him on his journey through heartbreak, guilt, tragedy and ultimately peace for as many times as I could possible could. Dong Ho is such a conflicted and beautiful character. And G.O plays him with such tenderness and emotion.

If I could I have, I would have stayed on in Seoul to attend all of G.O’s remaining performances in Seopyeonje. Not only is he that good, the musical itself is spectacular. Here are some curtain call pictures I managed to capture that night:


It is in these curtain calls where you can see his happiness to be on this stage. He is where he should be.


That evening I had a wonderful VIP seat – so my vantage point was a little better to get these beautiful curtain call pictures.


I loved him opposite each one of his leading ladies and I saw all three. This is Li Ja Ram and she played a huge role in the production of this musical overall. She is a true pansori vocalist so her expertise was crucial in bringing Seopyeonje to the stage in the vibrant manner in which unfolded.


Plus she is so teeny tiny next to him!!!! She is his noona in the story and I loved their dynamic opposite each other.


And final bow.


It was another great performance.

Following the show on that Tuesday night (April 15), I once again made my way outside to his waiting vehicle. Perhaps I would have had better opportunities had I waited with the other fans at the stage door inside. Some how I felt less intrusive doing it my way. As I waited, I was literally the only fan out there. This time the car was parked in the original spot the first time I saw him leave.

As he came out, he was flanked on either side by a row of fans all walking in line with him. As I stood quietly trying to catch a picture…anything, G.O once again threw me a curve and surprised me. He noticed me standing there and leaned out from the wall of fans, gave me that adorable ‘oh’ to catch my attention, smiled, nodded his head to me, and waved hello. In front of all of those other fans, I was again privy to his direct attention. Seriously, what fangirl would not go berserk following something like that?

As he passed by, I began to follow the throng of fans walking with him. It was next to impossible to catch any kind of clear picture because in those situations as a fan, you are trying vie for position to get close enough to speak to him, get a picture, get a handshake…or anything. So it was a little chaotic. And things are moving fast even though G.O was not rushing to leave. At the same time, he was doing his best to chat with the fans and get into the car safely.

Blurry Exhibit No. 1:


I tried so hard….and failed so hard!!

Blurry Exhibit No. 2:


If anything, you can see how awesome my position was!! I always chose to be a little more forward and not so much directly in front of the car door mainly because there were so many fans already in position there – but more importantly, it always afforded me the opportunity to make final eye contact, say my final good-bye and get a handshake. Now that I think about it, every time I saw him leave the theater, I was the last person to shake his hand. Every.single.time.

Not as Blurry (but still blurry) Exhibit No. 3:


Oh what a perfect shot this would have been if I would have just BREATHED!!!!! LOL!! But look at my position! Tell me, if you were THAT close to your bias, could you refrain from being nervous and shaky? You also have to remember….he had just moments earlier singled me out to say hello. I was still all kinds of spazzy, and with good reason!!! Still he gave us the most magnificent smile and as always was gracious, patient, friendly and sweet. He truly IS the consummate idol in my opinion. You can definitely feel his appreciation for his fans.

Each time I was able to shake his hand I always thanked him, said good-bye and this particular evening I recall telling him to take care.

In the moments following his departure as the theater slowly closed down and fans drifted in various directions towards their homes, each of us left with such contentment all because of this one amazing, beautiful and talented man. He must know the effect he has….even on mature fangirls such as myself. I literally still have not stopped smiling.


[Video credit for gif: Chihye Lee/Image credit: Michele DeMarco]


  1. dewaanifordrama says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! You are sooooooooo lucky!!!!! While I am most definitely Seungho biased when it comes to MBLAQ, my opinion of GO and his particular attention to you has greatly increased my respect and admiration for him. You are one seriously lucky fangirl!!! Thank you for chronicling your excellent fangirl experiences! ❤

    • Michele says:

      G.O is an amazingly talented guy – but what makes him even more special is that he truly appreciates his fans. I felt that every single time I was outside waiting for him to leave the theater. He is just THAT nice and friendly.

      Not to mention handsome. OMG, this man is gorgeous.

      I am so lucky and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go and see him perform AND feel his appreciation. It truly was a dream. I go back next month for a quick 2 day visit where I will see him perform in his new musical, The Kingdom of the Winds. It will be insane and exhausting, but this man is worth my every effort! ^^

    • Michele says:

      Crazy, right???!!!!

      From what I have continually heard, G.O is tops when it comes to fan service, followed by Mir. They apparently are the most engaging with their fans. I cannot say it enough…he was so incredibly sweet and friendly. With the exception of my last night there seeing him, he always took his time, was patient and so very, very nice to all of us out there. Such a gracious (and excruciatingly handsome) man!!! On my last night he was out of there quick – but I still managed a handshake. He is just THAT thoughtful and appreciative of his fans. From a western point of view, that is mind-blowing!!! I could not see any of our idols doing the same. If you ever have the chance to meet him, I assure you he will win you over. I’ve said it before, he is the ultimate bias wrecker!! Talent, looks, graciousness – yeah, he could easily steal anyone away from their bias – in a heart beat!

      • dewaanifordrama says:

        Hahaha…I won’t let him ruin my bias list 😉 You and Nelly love him too much. He really is awesome though. It is really awesome and cool how much you have interacted with him. You are sure lucky and that’s pretty exciting that you get to go and see him again soon!

    • Michele says:

      He is incredibly sweet and was so accessible. It was amazing and I still cannot believe it. I am suffering severe Seoul withdrawal and rough jet lag, but when I think back to those moments outside of that theater following the shows, I just sigh and smile. He’s a dream. <3

      • Cloud USA says:

        Wahhhh… I believe you. Completely. 🙂

        Glad you’re back safely and had an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us so we could all fangirl with ya, LOL 😉

        Stephe ^@@^

  2. mustbenuts99 says:

    Michele, I really enjoyed reading your posts about this trip. GO is a real special guy. I’m familiar with the 2-day Seoul trip..It’s a little crazy but when it’s to see something so fabulous/wonderful/exciting, you just have to do it, right?


    • Michele says:

      Hi Patsiii…thanks my dear!!!

      He is a very special guy, this is true. I honestly felt appreciated as a fan. He made me feel that way in the short moments I had with him. He is so gracious and so friendly. Really….it is so sweet how nice he is to the fans and how engaging he is. I cannot say enough about him and how wonderful he is (and handsome, too…omg!).

      When I heard he was cast in another musical that would be playing right after Seopyeonje, I did not hesitate to begin planning. I knew I had exhausted pretty much all of my vacation time with that present trip, but by some miracle, I had 2 days left and I had to figure out how to use them to my benefit. Benefit meaning, how many shows will I be able to see with 2 vacation days?!! But G.O must know how important he is to me…LOL!!! My birthday is next month and on that day, there are 2 performances of his musical, a matinee and and an evening performance. How perfect is that?? And with this musical, I do not have to worry whether he will be performing as he is not sharing the role with any other actors. He is cast in the role and will play the character in each performance. So in 2 days I will see 3 shows.

      Yes…it is a must to go to support him…absolutely!

  3. kfangurl says:

    WHAT an adventure, Michele!! 😀 I’m so happy for you, that your trip turned out to be such a fangirl dream. I still stick to my theory that he knows your name by now. Maybe he just didn’t want to let on in front of the other fangirls. Y’know, out of consideration for your safety & all..! 😉

    Best part? Your next adventure is on its way! And I’m already betting that he’ll remember you ^^

    • Michele says:

      It was truly a dream trip of sorts even tho I really did not get that much accomplished in way of sightseeing and the like. I highly doubt he knows my name, but hopefully he will remember my face.

      It will be much more challenging to figure out where he will exit after the next show as the complex where the theater is is HUGE! Trust me, I spent a day totally casing the place trying to get a feel for it. Intimidating but some how I will figure it out as I always manage to do!

      To see him perform again will be magnificent and to be back in Seoul again…well, that will be delightful! Some may think I have totally lost my mind. But these outrageous adventures are exciting and fun! Plus I get to see a very cute and talented boy. Kind of a win-win situation if you ask me!!

      Thank you for always encouraging the fangirl in me to push beyond that which I feel may be inappropriate because of my age and just embracing that vibrant 16 year old fangirl that is housed in my heart! She is having the freaking time of her life!!!! ^^

      • kfangurl says:

        Aw, I’m sure you’ll figure it out – you always do!! And I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time again too!

        It’s my pleasure to share in your fangirl adventures, Michele ❤ It was such a blast keeping you company virtually as you went forth and rocked it. It almost felt like I was there with you! Yes, our inner fangirls are absolutely young and vibrant, and deserve to have fun adventures. You’re doing a fantastic fangirl job! 😀

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