[new series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee

♥♥♥ I admit to not being able to contain my love and admiration for this young man. It probably borders on the obsessive but fortunately he doesn’t need a restraining order just yet! In all honesty though, I truly do admire his amazing talent as a performer in all genres he has touched. It wasn’t, READ MORE

Wednesday Eu-Mak: B’day Celebration Part Two

I love you Nelly! This is the best way to begin my birthday celebration! I will do my best to coax our beautiful bias to our shores! Thank you for this delectable treat! ♡♡♡ READ MORE

TVXQ Tuesday: Holding Back The Tears

Since I have been focusing specifically on their music for these posts, I did not realize that the men of TVXQ filmed and released a drama back in 2006 called Vacation. See, you learn something new every day. And as I am still making my way through ALL of their music as a 5-man group, I READ MORE

MBLAQ Musings: Prelude to The Kingdom of the Winds

I hadn’t even had time to catch my breath and absorb the complete wonder and splendor of Seopyeonje when my G.Oddess partner in all things G.O, Nelly (MyMyooz), messaged me that our beautiful bias was cast in another musical. Immediately after news broke regarding that fantastic news, I began seeing tweets and posts everywhere. But wait. G.O was READ MORE

K-Shot Postscript: G.O (Jung Byung Hee) The Musical Seopyeonje – Final Thoughts

It is has been a little over a week since I returned home from Seoul and admittedly, I am still reeling from the after effects of seeing this extraordinary musical and, well, G.O! I thought I would offer some final thoughts on the musical and his wonderful performance. READ MORE

The Fangirl Adventure Log: When Your Bias Notices YOU and Says Hello

Oh Byung Hee…….you really did make my recent visit to Seoul special beyond my wildest dreams. And following your curious inquisition as to where I was from, you continued to surprise me with your gregarious and delightful fan service. READ MORE

The Fangirl Adventure Log: G.O and The Musical Seopyeonje

I haven’t even completed my first full week in Seoul and I have had the opportunity to see the amazing musical, Seopyeonje…..twice. Of course, the draw for me was G.O, who is currently sharing the role of Dong Ho in the musical with co-actors, Michael Lee and Song Yong Jin. The moment I learned that G.O READ MORE

The Fangirl Adventure Log: G.O’s Warm Hand

G.O has the most beautiful hands. And, as I found out…..quite warm, too! Yes, I started my second visit to Seoul off with a bang. After a huge flight delay and missed show, I still managed to chalk up a pretty epic fangirl adventure a mere 6 hours after my arrival into Seoul. READ MORE