The Fangirl Adventure Log: When Your Bias Asks YOU a Question

GO bottled water


All I wanted to do was hand him a gift, and G.O threw me a curve. But let’s back track for second so I can set this up properly.

Let me begin with Tuesday, April 8, 2014 as that was the first day I saw G.O take the stage in Seopyeonje. I admit I was anxious all day long. I kept wondering if I would actually have a ticket at the will call window when I reached the Universal Arts Center in Gwangjin-gu. I checked and re-checked the start time. Checked and re-checked that it was actually G.O performing that evening and not one of the other actors. Check. Check. Check. I did not want to miss this for the world. Some may say that was being obsessive/compulsive. I call it being prepared!

All fears and anxiety were laid to rest once I arrived to the theater.

The Universal Arts Center theater is a grand theater that was opened in 1981 and seats about 1,200 people. The entry hall is lovely complete with marble floors and glistening chandeliers.


The lobby was filled with information, pictures, media, and the like of the musical.




My favorite was the “Today’s Cast Board.” As there were a few roles in the musical that were being shared by actors, the board let us know who would be playing who in that evening’s performance.


I approached the ticket counter and this is where my Seopyeonje adventure started. The lovely ladies at the ticket counter were concerned with my choice of ticket. I had second row and I thought, it really cannot get much better than that…what could be wrong? The second row is actually the first row and so close to the edge of the stage that the seats actually were set lower than the stage itself which could impede view. They felt I would not get a good view of the actors so they switched out my ticket for something better. They moved me a row back and assured me it would be perfect.

It was. Situated pretty well center, I saw everything perfectly.  I saw G.O perfectly. The play opens with a rock number and G.O comes out to the edge of the stage a few times. He was within inches from me. It was amazing.

After the show, I already knew the drill that he would simply exit out of the lower doors of the theater and go to a car waiting for him. That evening, however, things were a little switched around and the car was parked in a different area. And even though I ended up walking right behind him as he made his way to the car, I did not get a chance to say anything or give him the gift. My new Japanese friend, Michiko, who I was walking with, however wasted no time. That woman plainly and without hesitation tapped that man on his arm, and got his attention long enough to pass him a gift. Well done, Michiko….well done!

As the vehicle drove away, Mr. Gracious Fan Service rolled down the window and waved good-bye to us.

Later that night as I made my way back to the apartment I thought to myself….I need to grow some Michiko balls and I need to grow some quick or opportunity will surely pass me by! I also needed a new game plan for the following night.

The second performance I was going to see was on Wednesday, April 9th. Again the ticket agents felt I should have a better seat and upgraded me to a VIP seat. Two rows back this time but situated perfectly, I was in heaven as I sat there watching this amazingly beautiful musical. Also, two nights in a row of G.O on the stage in a nearly 3 hour show. Frankly, this is what fangirl dreams are made of. And Seopyeonje is so very good. I am just going right to the events that occurred following the show because the fangirl dreams becoming reality kept coming!!

Once again, I knew the drill and was going to be prepared this time. And I was.

I was already outside when I saw the entourage approaching the car. G.O, an assistant walking with him, and the sea of fangirls encircling him. He walks at a good pace, but is not hurried. He is always chatting with fans. As he approached the car, the fans were behind him but I was already there so I ended up in front of him.


[Another failed attempt to get a clear shot!!  BUT…look how close I was to him!]

As he walked in front of me to make his way to the passenger side of the vehicle, I called out his name.  He turned to face me and I simply handed him the gift and said something to the effect of ‘please take this.’ I honestly do not remember because he was inches in front of me and well…it was G.O!!!

He took the bag and thanked me. He kept moving and walking towards the other side of the vehicle and by now more fangirls had made their way around with him. Before he made his way completely around, he turned while still walking somewhat backwards, looked at me and said “where are you from, where are you from?”  I answered with a “US”. He did not hear me and gave me a questioned look and I repeated, “USA.”

The fangirls (not a single Westerner among them) all let out a collective “ohhhhhhhh.” I won’t forget the look on G.O’s face at that point either. He seemed shocked by that as well and then smiled and shook his head in satisfaction like…oh yes, USA, nice.

Once he was safely in the car, I stepped back. The fangirls were still surrounding the vehicle. In order to get out it had to do some maneuvering which gave all of us opportunity to wait a bit longer, wave our good byes, etc. But G.O is ever the most gracious. He rolled down the window to wave, say good-bye to us again and offer his soft and so very warm hand. I had a final opportunity to shake that hand and say my good byes to him as the car slowly made its way out to the street.

He is adorable, sweet, gracious, friendly and the most wildly attractive and talented man, ever.♥

I have two more performances to attend and two more opportunities to see him leave the theater. Where are my balls at??! ^.^

[Image credit: as tagged/Michele DeMarco]


  1. Drama Fan says:

    OMG! I don’t know this cutie but a) he is pretty b) you got to exchange words with him awwwww love this! You must be so happy. Congrats girl!

    • Michele says:

      Oh…you must get to know him! He is so delightful and so very, very talented. He is also a bias-wrecker as he completely has stolen me away from Rain, a feat I thought no one would ever accomplish!! I think what makes him even more attractive is his graciousness towards fans AND the way he interacts with them. They are family to him and he is so relaxed and at ease among them.

      Sigh……I adore him! And yes, this has been quite an adventure!

    • Michele says:

      I need to keep my courage up because I have to get a clear picture. I don’t want to freak him out too much but a fangirl’s gotta do what a fangirl’s gotta do!! This trip has exceeded my expectations, that’s for sure!!

  2. evez says:

    YAY!…i remember Nelly’s statement over FB conversation…that G.O completely overthrown Rain from no. 1 spot?…i have to ask her if that is true?…by reading your testimonies and comments from others proved it’s confirmed?!…..with your shared adventures i could feel your excitement with great satisfaction…..ahhhh!….and with your query when a bias asked you a question?……i need to savor your story here…..what is it Michele’s talking about?….and then as i continue the reading i said wowow!!!!….G.O asked Michele that?….of all the screaming fans that surrounds him?…lucky girl!…and thanks for that courage you had there!…to personally handed down the gift to G.O….that’s completely and insanely breathtaking!…..

    If i were in your place i might ended up clinging up to him and plant him a kiss?…oh my!…i am thinking if it is allowed?….do fangirls there spazz and squee as we do?…coz i guess i might not be able to control my act if i saw my bias smiling, waving and shaking hands with me?….as a fangirl i might not act accordingly?…hahahahaha…. 🙂

    … 😉 that failed attempt photo is already a milestone Michele…being able to shake hand and get closely as that to G.O is a dream come true…. 🙂 <3

    go, go go girl and enjoy the two more performances of him!….

    • Michele says:

      Evez omg….I seriously could not have anticipated ANY of this and it has been a dream. Literally a dream! Trust me the urge to hug him is overwhelming. But I don’t want to scare him. Hahaha! Plus it is tough enough being a foreign fan here. We are not too welcomed by local fans which has been so sad and has hurt my heart immensely. That said, I will NEVER forget the smile in his eyes when he first saw me.

      And the fact that he was curious about me lets me believe that he was happy to see a foreigner among the sea of fangirls. I remain polite and respectful to both them and him. I want to represent the US fandom as one with class and respect. And, I hope I’ve done just that. ^_^

  3. pinkblossom says:

    mad props for actually getting close enough to give a gift and speak with your man!! i… would have keeled over if i’d seen my one and true wub hahhaa! so happy to live vicariously through you! ^^

    • Michele says:

      I am truly at a loss as to how this all happened but I am very happy I actually grew the courage (no matter how embarrassing it may have felt) to actually hand him the gift. I really wanted to accomplish that since I was not comfortable leaving it with theater personnel or the driver/assistant. With the exception of one other *cough* ‘mature’ fan, I was clearly outnumbered by the other younger fans who were adoringly calling him ‘oppa’ ever step of the way. I was not prepared for him to actually address me. In looking back on it now, it really was very nice of him and even more awesome that he was curious enough to ask. I kind of stood out though as I was the only foreigner in the sea of Korean fans.

      In the three short and sweet moments of seeing him after the show, I will say this about him. He is as friendly and gracious as I have heard him to be. He seems extremely relaxed and comfortable around the fans. Maybe it is because he was raised with sisters only…I don’t know. But he seems very relaxed, never hurried and very engaging. I have also heard he is the one who interacts most with fans. I so admire this about him.

      I am going to see him perform again tonight and then one last time on Saturday (the night before I leave Seoul). I am sad to be leaving and really wish I could stay and see all of his remaining Seopyeonje shows. His last performance in Seopyeonje is May 8th. BUT….I am currently at the Seoul Arts Center waiting for tickets to go on sale for his next musical. Yeah, if I secure tickets, I will return to Seoul next month for like 3 nights (seriously) where I will hopefully see 3 performances (2 in one day). He will be performing in The Kingdom of the Wind starting 11 May through 20 May and on 17 May he will perform in both shows that day. That is my birthday. Can you blame me for wanting to celebrate in such a manner???!!! LOL…omg, I am out of my mind, right?

  4. missienelly says:

    I’m still crying that I cannot go with you to see G.O. I must have not save the world in my previous life… *cries*. Like I said before, when we do meet, WE must shake hands first because your hands touched GO’s and I need that vibe before we hugs! I love you, Meesh and thanks for letting me be the first to know everything about GO! *a big finger heart*

    • Michele says:

      This all would have been 100 fold more intense and out of control if you were here with me. And G.O would absolutely LOVE the fact that there were two of us among the rest – of this I am sure! I am determined to shake his hand one last time before I make my way back to the US. This way I will have had an even 4 – 2 of which are definitely reserved for you!!!

      Nelly girl I love you too!! If I did not know you, I would not be here today…..this much is VERY TRUE! Your love and admiration for this incredibly talented and outrageously handsome man is what brought me to this point.

      I am so happy to be taking this journey with you and of course you are the first person to get all of the news as it happens!!! I have repeatedly spazzed out on the steps of that theater more times than I care to remember now and that is because I had no one here to buffer that spazz!!! Thank GOD for technology and a portable modem!!

      He is a gem. And so worthy to be known to the world and I will work tirelessly to make sure the world knows him. If his talent were not enough, his gracious and friendly nature is what has endears him so completely to me (and to us….I know). Well….that and his gorgeous eyes and smile! But those are only secondary to the charismatic, humorous, smart and talented man he is. What a complete package!!! Gosh how I adore him and adore you for adoring him with me. We have THE best taste….EVER!!

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