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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 417

The road to Seopyeonje was so long ago and yet it seems like only yesterday. Since spring was the season of Seopyeonje (in 2014), I have been feeling very, very nostalgic. I thought revisiting a couple of the early rehearsal videos would be nice for a Sunday. G.O’s voice on a spring Sunday in April? Absolutely.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 350

I suppose it is rather obvious that I have been having deep (and perhaps emotional) longing to travel back in time to the spring of 2014 when everything seemed to be wonderfully in place for both G.O in his independent pursuits on the musical stage, as well as with MBLAQ as they settled into promoting their 6th (and truly brilliant) mini album, Broken. I left Seoul in mid-April of that year after a lengthy stay, and therefore missed the impromptu meet & greet G.O held in the lobby of the Universal Arts Theater on 5 May 2014. I was momentarily disappointed when I learned of that meet & greet, but that dissipated quickly as I reminded myself how fortunate I was in any event to have experienced not only G.O’s amazing fan service, but his incredible performance in 서편제 [Seopyeonje]. It is Day 350 and seems like a great day to celebrate G.O’s Fabled Fan Service as he met with fans back on that sunny day in early May.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 344

There were many intense scenes played out on the musical stage during 서편제 [Seopyeonje]. The combative battle between stepfather and son during the argumentative 철없는 혈기 [Immature Passion] was particularly explosive. Imagine living day to day under the suffocating control of an abusive father, devastated by the loss of an adoring mother, and longing for the freedom to pursue a happier life. Watching G.O interpret the pain, confusion, and desperation of the tormented Dong Ho was simultaneously harrowing and magnificent; particularly so in the violent argument with an equally angered and volatile Yoo Bong.

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: B’day Celebration Part Two

I love you Nelly! This is the best way to begin my birthday celebration! I will do my best to coax our beautiful bias to our shores! Thank you for this delectable treat! ♡♡♡


The Fangirl Adventure Log: When Your Bias Notices YOU and Says Hello

GO Come Here

Oh Byung Hee…….you really did make my recent visit to Seoul special beyond my wildest dreams. And following your curious inquisition as to where I was from, you continued to surprise me with your gregarious and delightful fan service.

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MBLAQ Musings: G.O Set To Begin His Run in Seopyeonje

Beautiful Byung Hee tweeted this wonderful picture with the message: Seopyeonje Hwaiting! I am SO excited for him to take on this role and cannot wait to see him perform live on the stage.



Because I have been doing my research, I believe this picture was actually taken in front of the Universal Arts Center in Seoul where the musical will be performed. I am so proud of G.O and I know he is going to be amazing in the role of Dong Ho.

Earlier in the month, a showcase was held introducing the musical, its performers and with that a little taste of the sounds we can expect to hear. G.O, looking incredibly handsome and sounding absolutely wonderful, performed.

His first performance will be Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Universal Arts Center, Seoul. Seopyeonje Hwaiting, indeed!

[Image credit: G.O (@MBLAQGO)/Video credit: CHANGSUNshine]