On My Playlist ~ Juice [MCND]

The five firecrackers of MCND just wrapped up their first European tour and are getting prepared for part two: North and South America. Yes, finally, they are getting the opportunity to tour and perform live. I am so very excited for them! European Gem (fandom) got a special treat when the group performed their latest, Juice, BEFORE READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Changer [A.C.E]

As I sit and contemplate the reality of 2/5 of A.C.E heading off to the military this month (Wow went in on the 10th, and Donghun will go on the 23rd), I also find myself perplexed over how this talented lot is not more of a global sensation. Then I pause and realize that I READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ IYAH [Kang Seung Yoon]

After what seems to have been an eternity (because basically, it was), Winner’s leader Kang Seung Yoon released his first full solo album, Page and with it the nostalgic and heartfelt title track, IYAH. I am reeling in the wonder of it all. Thrilled, proud and excited, I am also incredibly moved by the thoughtful and honest READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Do or Not [Pentagon]

The beauty of being part of Pentagon’s Universe is knowing that nothing  (and I mean, NOTHING) gets in the way of them releasing consistently good music, especially in the wake of hiatuses. In fact, I am not sure Pentagon even allows the word hiatus into their vocabulary. I suppose therein lies the beauty of a READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ A Song For Me (문제아) [Hong Joochan]

Ugh. The last thing I wanted to happen was to find myself falling into smitten kitten land over yet another artist, but sometimes these situations are unavoidable. It seems someone made a lasting impression on me and it took me all of about a minute to discover that Golden Child main vocalist Hong Joochan had READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Don⁷t Call Me [SHINee]

On November 15, 2020, SHINee’s tall, lean Marine machine, Minho, was discharged from the military. He was the third member of the group to complete his mandatory service that year; so, in my simple mind that equated to one very important thing: a potential SHINee comeback. Admittedly, as a baby Shawol, this is what I READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Encore [GOT7]

Ok, this has to be one of the greatest bait and switch moments recorded in K-pop history. For the K-pop stans out there, can you name any group that fulfills their contractual duty, decides against re-signing with the agency that debuted them, leaves said agency retaining their name, trademarks and the like, begins pursuing individual READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ What I Said [Victon]

Letting Victon marinate in all of their underrated talent and finesse was bound to result in an explosive comeback worth waiting for. Releasing their first full length album, Voice: The future is now a mere eleven days into the new year was, in my opinion, strategic and smart. Even though their adoring Alice (the fandom) READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Breath and Last Piece [GOT7]

With so much new music coming out at once, I admit that I have been unable to keep up. In anticipation of GOT7’s November 30th album release, Breath of Love: Last Piece, the group whet appetites with a pre-release track, Breath, on November 23rd. It was then that it truly sunk in how long they had been READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Mmmh [Kai]

Woah…woah…woah…WOAH! The new music just keeps coming. This time from EXO’s Kai. This is uncharted territory for me and let me be clear, this is more about Kai the soloist than it is about Kai the member of EXO. You may ask: how can she possibly separate one from the other? Yes, well I have READ MORE