On My Playlist ~ From Home [NCT U]

If there was ever a need to feel the healing power of music, it is now. So even though I feel overwhelmed by NCT’s latest full album release Resonance Pt. 1, I know it is a project that is a pleasing gift no matter where on the NCT spectrum one falls as a fan. If you are not familiar, NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is a conglomerate of 23 members. Within that conglomerate are three set groups (NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV). Then, there is the experimental and rotational unit of NCT U. NCT U is not a set group within the conglomerate and can be comprised of as little as two members. Eight of the 13 tracks on Resonance Pt. 1 are NCT U tracks. That means various members were paired together for those individual songs. One of those individual songs is the gentle and healing From Home. Let me tell you why I find this one and its accompanying MV particularly beautiful and special.

First of all, this NCT U incarnation is a seven member vocal unit. In fact, six of the seven members are the main vocalists in their respective set counterpart groups. Let me introduce the From Home NCT U unit:

From NCT 127:

From NCT Dream:

*Haechan is also a permanent member of NCT 127.

From WayV:

[Not so subtle bias product placement x3~🤷🏻‍♀️]

If you are a fan of vocal heavy tracks, that alone should pique some interest. The only drawback one might argue is fair and adequate line distributions when there are this many main vocalists in one group. It was actually concerning to me and is an ongoing nit I have with multi-membered groups in general. Multi meaning more than 5. Can each member truly have a memorable moment? Surprisingly, I found From Home to be adequately balanced (however, my strong Kun bias might beg to differ). But, that is due in large part to the song itself, and how the non-Korean members sing their respective parts in their native languages (Kun, Renjun and Chenle in Chinese; Yuta in Japanese). Sprinkle in a touch of English and the entire project speaks of incredible diversity and global impact. Pure genius, if you ask me.

The song. The song is lovely. A rhythmic R&B ballad, From Home is a gentle treatise on finding a sense of home, warmth, protection and stability not only in someone but also in one’s own self, and then reciprocating that sense of home to another.

I’m ready to connect anytime, I only respond to you
I found my home, my own, I feel at ease
Reflecting on myself, feel your smile as usual
Once again, we can be stronger
We live as each other’s sun, natural but dazzling

The MV. At a time when our hardworking idols are often away from home, family, and friends (especially in these difficult times), they need to establish a sense of home with each other. What better way than to retreat to the seaside under gentle breezes and blues skies. To take a deep breath and be reminded that home is wherever your heart feels at ease and connected. The MV for From Home stirs up nostalgic feelings of simpler times. It is sweet in its execution with our seven vocal kings looking more boyfriend than the most boyfriend of all boyfriend material. I could be exaggerating. Or not.

Oh the feels. The baby picture break with the members saying thank you in seven different languages (Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, English and Korean) adds an extra layer of coziness to the song and further enhances that feeling of home, not only with each other, but also with their fans.

Well done, boyfriends.~😘



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