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On My Playlist ~ From Home [NCT U]

If there was ever a need to feel the healing power of music, it is now. So even though I feel overwhelmed by NCT’s latest full album release Resonance Pt. 1, I know it is a project that is a pleasing gift no matter where on the NCT spectrum one falls as a fan. If you are not familiar, NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is a conglomerate of 23 members. Within that conglomerate are three set groups (NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV). Then, there is the experimental and rotational unit of NCT U. NCT U is not a set group within the conglomerate and can be comprised of as little as two members. Eight of the 13 tracks on Resonance Pt. 1 are NCT U tracks. That means various members were paired together for those individual songs. One of those individual songs is the gentle and healing From Home. Let me tell you why I find this one and its accompanying MV particularly beautiful and special.

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Fangirling 2019: A Retrospective

Being forced to shelter-in-place during what is perhaps turning into one of the most incredible and frightening situations I may see in my lifetime (yes, I am talking about the COVID-19 pandemic) has given me time to reflect on the tumultuous fangirl journey I have been on these past seven years. By the close of 2019, I realized that I had burst through a rather stringent guardrail when it came to Korean entertainment and in particular, Korean music. After my honey baby bias G.O of MBLAQ completed his military service, went from AfreecaTV BJ to YouTuber and yes, even became a husband, I kind of went on a bender. I wanted to write about my explorative fangirl year of 2019 before 2019 ended but failed to actually sit down and do so. Then, I pretty much abandoned the blog altogether. Now that I am in forced lockdown, I really feel the urge to return, show the blog some love, and write again. I have truly missed writing. So, humor me if you will, and let me tell you about my 2019 fangirl adventures  (albeit a little late and wordy) and my hopes for 2020.

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