The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 697

I sometimes try to imagine what this countdown series would have been like had I only filled it with Vocal Virtuosity moments. Then again, every song, video or the like shared here throughout this entire countdown has actually been that kind of moment. Early on in one of the blog posts here, I labeled G.O a virtuoso at his craft. And initially when the word synced up in my mind to describe G.O, it was because of his music. But as it turns out, a virtuoso can also be someone who is skilled in any artistic pursuit. And although music may be the auto default for G.O (for good reason), I think it can apply to him across many of his artistic endeavors. For the purpose of this countdown series however, I chose to single out his virtuosity as a vocalist. Today I want to fall into G.O’s incredibly smooth and sensual vocal stylings as captured in the opening track of Ty Project No. 1, Intro, because it is exactly what some of us can use right now to soothe our souls, and heat up these cold winter days.

The Intro from Ty Project No. 1 needs no introduction. Just sit back and drink it in.

With Intro, we are immediately introduced to the vibrant richness, quality and range in G.O’s voice. So mature. Confident. Sexy. This sultry vocal and improvisational prelude sets the tone for the entire album, each song thereafter a piece of the puzzle to a story set to music. Yes, I always hear a musical when I listen to and break down the lyrical content of the songs contained on this exquisite album. If I ever were to master the Korean language, I would write a musical stage play based on those songs. And I have to wonder, would G.O agree to be the leading man in my musical and sing these songs once again?


A girl can dream, right?^^




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