The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 698

Sometimes I hesitate to write about the mid to latter part of 2014. For me personally, the first half was extremely special and I always seem to want to go back and relive those exciting days of seeing and hearing G.O for the first time. But as the year moved on, things got a little difficult and yes, even sad. Still, there was so much G.O (and MBLAQ) to enjoy in 2014. There was the release of the Japanese single, Still In Love, the Broken comeback and of course the magnificence of watching G.O settle into being a formidable musical theater actor on both the Seopyeonje and Kingdom of the Winds stages. The men also traveled quite a bit in the summer months of that year which is fortunate for when I want to share some of G.O’s Airport Style. Today, just a quick and simple look back at G.O’s Incheon style on 6 June 2014, when he and guys departed for Mexico to begin a mini Latin American tour.

Smoky aviators and a black fedora give my bias a little extra mystique. True, we would see the black fedora really make a robust comeback in 2015 but on that day in June, G.O chose to travel with it. You may recall that as soon as The Kingdom of the Winds closed, he sheared off the glossy locks he sported while performing in that musical moving away from the soft look of Prince Ho Dong and opting for a more mature and masculine look complete with his signature goatee.

As you all know, I am a fan of G.O’s style in any form. I especially love and appreciate the way he can move to and from softer looks to powerfully masculine ones much like he did in May and June of 2014.

He always looks so comfortable and . . . cool.

To me, there is something genuinely special about a man who is not afraid to embrace the softer side of not only his heart and soul, but to also let it manifest physically. On the flip side, a man confident in his masculinity will always be magnetic and attractive. And our G.O walks the path between both effortlessly.


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