The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 696

Well it is Saturday my lovelies and we are closing in on the 700th day of G.O’s service. Can you believe it? Let’s just everyone breathe for a few seconds, okay? I am trying to keep a lid on my own excitement, but it is growing next to impossible. And it will continue to be impossible to contain it as we get closer to the actual discharge date. Therefore, I will simply embrace it and will do so by keeping the energy flowing with another G.O Dance Break moment. It is a Saturday after all! So hop into the MBLAQ time machine with me and let’s travel back to Episode 6 of Idol Army.

Idol Army was so cheeky and fun. Really, if you are feeling nostalgic for some fun-loving MBLAQ variety of the past, revisit Idol Army. You will not be sorry. Even though it was not the group’s first variety experience, it was one of the early ones that aired shortly after their October 2009 debut and was another that continued to introduce us to the wit and charm of G.O (as well as the other members of MBLAQ). Yes, MBLAQ’s Idol Army is sixteen episodes of pure unabashed entertainment.

And, it gave me a sweet and yes, sultry dance break to share. Let’s watch G.O’s smooth moves via a little of Taeyang’s Only Look At Me.

If you remember from that entire segment [which was ridiculously hilarious], little prim and proper Soojung (the guest the guys were trying to impress) thought Mir was the coolest in his performance, that she did not like ‘cute’ and preferred ‘sexy.’ She was 8 years old at the time so perhaps her idea of sexy fell more on the sweet side of the spectrum than on the sultry side. As a result, it may have been Mir’s boyish charm that won her over. She did say his performance was her style. Still, I think G.O had the sexiest performance. But then, I would say that.^^ Who knows, maybe now the 16 year old Soojung would have a change of heart and…uh taste that perhaps would even welcome sexy facial hair – which we all know will always be a part of G.O’s charm and sex appeal. I think Soojung needs to give G.O a second chance.^^


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