The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 666

G.O wearing a soft and form fitted black t-shirt, arms exposed, his glossy hair highlighted by sunny Seoul skies teems with a combination of raging masculinity and gentle romanticism. At least that is how I see him when I look at pictures captured of MBLAQ’s return from their Japanese debut back in May 2011. But then, that is basically how I see G.O always. You know, that perfect blend of sweet and sexy; strong and gentle, etc. There were not many photographic captures that I could find of G.O at Gimpo that fine sunny day in May, but I found a few that encouraged me enough to want to add to the growing collection of G.O’s Airport Style here on the countdown.

In his trusted black on black attire, G.O always looks classically stylish even when wearing something as simple and casual as a black t-shirt over black cargos (or could even be sweatpants here). Moreover, he always seems to coordinate his accessories in such a way that they capture attention, but are never too much. Here, his rings, black and chrome watch and ever present Chrome Hearts earrings add some shimmer. When I saw the white face mask, my first thought was a black mask would have rounded out this entire look. But then I realized that the white was probably the better choice because (in my opinion), it makes his eyes stand out. Of course, G.O’s eye smiles are what really make his eyes stand out, face mask notwithstanding.

A friend once mentioned to me that G.O did not have to do anything to enhance or better his arms, that they were naturally perfect in and of themselves. I think her assessment was on point. But it always nice to get photographic proof.^^

Indeed, G.O is a total package of loveliness.


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