The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 665

In reviewing the past G.O One Shots where I have posted .gifs, I noticed that I have given the short teaser video for G.O’s second digital single Play That Song lots and lots of .gif love. And for good reason. The mini MV is 1:36 of pure vocal and visual bliss. So I decided that today I would simply add another .gif from the PTS video treasure chest because it is a gift that keeps giving.

This moment in the MV was far too short for my liking and I am certain you will agree. It is easy for me to call G.O a modern day Adonis if I were to merely focus on his physical attributes. Adonis was a beautiful youth in Greek mythology with strikingly fine features and a perfectly sculpted body. True, G.O fits that description well. However, we all know that this young man is made up of far more than what we can see. Besides, there is no myth when it comes to G.O’s talent, character and beauty. There is only truth.








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