The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 667

Oh my dear Mexican A+, I trust you realize that you were given the most sublime vocal blessing from our charming main vocal back in August 2013.  I was not aware until just today (yes, after all this time, I am still finding treasures I did not know existed), that you had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing Canción Para Tus Lágrimas, better known as Song For Your Tears. I am just being cheeky here with the Spanish title because G.O sang this amazing Javier Colon song for you in Mexico. I am also beating myself up for not discovering this sooner. But, since it is a Fan-Camming Friday day, it turned out to be THE perfect find.

I have nothing to say other than this performance is absolute perfection in every sense of the word. In fact, I think this is my favorite rendition of the many G.O brought of this song to his solo stages.

PERFECTION!!!! Beautiful vocal work from start to finish. The improv embellishments are expertly placed adding atmosphere and emotion. This is a heartbreaking love song and we hear the lamentations in the cry of G.O’s mellifluous voice. I wonder if he still loves this song as much as he did back when he made it a part of his solo stages. I wonder if he would entertain the idea of not only singing it again, but recording it.

I know that when G.O returns it will be the start of something new and I am all too anxious to hear what he has written and composed over the past two years he has been away. Really anxious. But my heart dreams of hearing him sing two of his past English cover songs, even if it is just one more time. Song For Your Tears is one. The other is Wildflower. Yes, I admit it . . . I am hopelessly sentimental.


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