The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 643

There are literally dozens of words beginning with the letter R that could describe, suit and complement G.O for this installment of The ABC’s of G.O. The first that comes to mind is romantic. I have no reference to confirm he is, but G.O has intimated things in past interviews that would suggest he is a bit of a romantic. Likewise, the way in which he interprets love ballads would also support my belief. I know ‘romantic’ is an easy go to and G.O may even appreciate being described so. But I think there is a word that rings even more true about him. That word is resilient.

R is for Resilient

Generally when we think about G.O’s resilience, we automatically think about how he emerged from the break up and/or split of not one group he belonged to, but two. However, I believe G.O’s resilience was born and bred in him far before either of those two incidents, and planted in him far earlier. Yes, that resilience had to have been a part of who he was the moment he left home and began pursuing his artistic dreams.

He persevered. Through the good times.

Through the not so good times.

To today where he appears to be even more grounded and happier than ever.

Love 😍Love😍Love ♥ Love😍Love😍Love

Yes I know, I know . . . I have already shared this picture in a previous post but I cannot help but share it again because quite frankly, I cannot get enough of the happy in his soft eyes and gentle smile.

Certainly, it is G.O’s own incredible resilience that has seen him through it all. I hope as he journeys forward in his career and more importantly, in his life, he continues to recognize that resilience. And, should he ever need reminding, he need only look to his family, friends and yes, even his fans, who will continue to provide him encouragement and strength through their never-ending love and support. I know for sure he can count on me.^^


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