The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 620

If any of you came to the MBLAQ fandom after the summer of 2012, then I am sure you share the same regret for missing out on the Blaq% Asia Tour. In a way it is probably a good thing that I was not yet cognizant because I most likely would have gone head-to-head with my HR department to allow me the vacation time adequate enough to have gone to at least one of the shows on the tour to see G.O live on stage. In any event, my regret subsides when I come across the many pictures and cams from that tour which of course include the many airport sightings as the men darted their way throughout Asia. To add to my ever growing collection of G.O’s Airport Style, I share a little bit of the masked man as he and his MBLAQ cohorts made their way to and from Bangkok in early July 2012.

It is true and I have said it often enough,  but I will say it again: G.O has the great fortune to look good in any style of clothing from a suit and tie to the very casual and relaxed t-shirt and jeans. He sets my heart ablaze when I see him in a suit and tie but there is something so equally attractive seeing him in t-shirt and jeans. Here he chose a deeper denim jean paired with one of his many Chrome Hearts shirts. Again with cap pulled low and mask pulled high, G.O still manages to exude a sexiness that at this point needs no further explanation or embellishment. I am always happy to point it out nevertheless. The wow factor of this ensemble were his colorful black, red and white hi-top gym shoes captured in glorious black and white here:

And seen more vividly in this video ~ the departure on 5 July 2012:


On the return to Seoul four days later, he opted to wear the same ensemble.

Comfort is comfort and G.O makes it look so good. I cannot help but point out and completely love on the way he fluidly walks through the airport, gliding almost with a touch of swagger and an abundance of grace.


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