The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 619

Well, well, well . . . contrary to my belief that the moustache never dies, it is apparent from G.O’s early evening update on 27 October that indeed, and every now and then, the moustache meets a momentary demise. <hehe> I have no complaints mind you, because goatee or not, G.O’s handsome is a mainstay.

Hello sweetness!!~😍

My favorite part of this update is seeing the growing evolution of G.O’s smile. I feel as if he has been giving us his smile in gradual increments. Here it has increased from previous updates, don’t you think? Perhaps by the eve of his discharge, we will all need to grab our sunglasses to temper the radiance! But you know, regardless of the degree of smile he shares with us, one thing is for certain: the light in his gorgeous eyes has returned. I hope this time, it never has reason to fade.


By the way, G.O’s caption for this update simply read: 며언도, his play on words for saying that he had shaved. He is quite clever and I for one find it hard keeping up with his word play. See, 면도 [myeondo] mean shaving. So what he did was break the word down phonetically: 며 [myeo] 언 [eon] 도 [do]. Clever, right?! In some ways, he is making the difficult task of learning Korean quite enjoyable. I wonder what he will serve up next.^^


[Image cr. jung_g_o]

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