The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 621

Seriously, I think I could spend the remainder of this countdown series alternating between G.O updates and Vocal Virtuosity moments. That is, if by some chance G.O decides to say, update every other day. That would be convenient.^^ Frankly, I do not put anything past him these days. He could very well decide to ramp things up in anticipation of his return. What I have learned in life (especially since taking this fangirl side job): anything is possible. To start the week off sweetly, another Vocal Virtuosity moment from our romantic main vocal.

Going back in time today, I want to return to May 2011 when G.O visited Japan along with Seung Ho and Cheondung to appear on the Japanese variety/talk show, Made in BS Japan. I am certain JA+ in attendance that day remember standing in the rain while listening to G.O sing the opening verse of Yutaka Ozaki’s I Love You.

Ozaki’s touching ballad has been covered countless times by a variety of artists in a myriad of languages, including Korean. It was covered by the Korean rock group Position, and that is the version G.O decided to woo the viewers and fans with when he sang a tender tidbit of it on the program. I would tell you to close your eyes when you listen to this very short clip, but the combination of G.O looking so devastatingly handsome while simultaneously singing with such sweet sincerity, makes this moment feel so incredibly romantic.

I love you
사랑한다는 이 말밖에는 해줄 말이 없네요
[There is nothing for me to say to you except this]
I love you
의미 없는 말이 되었지만
[Even though this phrase became meaningless]
[I love you]

G.O is one remarkably beautiful and talented man.


[Video cr. sinaq3]


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