The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 478

Today I reflect on the release of MBLAQ’s wonderful Mirror. It is the anniversary of the release of the group’s 8th mini album, but their first as a trio. As such, it will forever remain special, a memento and turning point marking a new chapter for the handsome young men carrying on the name and tradition of MBLAQ. I don’t know if G.O being away in the Army has made me extra special nostalgic or if it is simply a by-product of this series as I continue to pull moments and memories of G.O’s journey. On 9 June 2015, MBLAQ released Mirror, met the press, and met ever briefly with their loving fans. For today’s Fan-Camming Friday, I will rely on thegopygmalion who captured about two minutes of  G.O-focused cam during the showcase held that warm Tuesday evening in June.

Amid the excitement of MBLAQ’s return with a new album in their new dynamic, there was still so much that was very solemn surrounding it all. And pain as well. Yeah . . . the pain was pretty evident. G.O has raised the standard of authenticity in a performance, in my opinion. I can only guess that this is because he himself is a truly authentic person, honest in his emotions, to the core. That authenticity spills over into his art creating powerful and memorable moments on the stage. Even when those moments are seemingly wrought with pain.

I hope in some small way, Mirror and the subsequent promotions, appearances, and performances proved to be cathartic. I know we as fans loved having MBLAQ back and now patiently wait for what is to come in yet another new chapter for this talented trio. The best part is that we get our handsome main vocal back first to get the proverbial ball rolling . . . and I cannot wait!

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