The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 477

Often times, when I am in the kind of nostalgic mood that I have been in as of late and I want to feel the warm caress of G.O’s voice in an early MBLAQ song, I find myself listening to Celebrate. It probably ranks as one of my favorite group ballads. Every symphonious note that G.O releases into the atmosphere is like a drop of resonant honey that coats the heart. There are many songs worth showcasing in a Vocal Virtuosity segment and I still have plenty of days left to explore a good many of them. But for this sweet second Thursday of June, lets head back to the central western coast of South Korea to Sohae College and . . . Celebrate.


Maybe because it was the lone ballad on MBLAQ’s fifth mini album Sexy Beat that I have a special fondness for Celebrate. Even when the song is judiciously arranged to allow for all of MBLAQ’s able vocalists to have their moment, G.O does handle the bulk of the vocals in the song which is also probably why it is one of my favorites. I am not going to deny that when G.O’s voice gets a little more exercise in any given song, it will invariably move to the top of my favorites list. I am just that biased, and not ashamed to admit it.

When G.O swirls his gorgeous improvs around Mir’s rap . . . my heart melts and I drift to a state of heavenly bliss. His voice is always an intoxicant, but I especially love the extra tenderness of Celebrate. Watching G.O drift into the song is as relaxing as hearing his gentle voice. The cute smile in the cam above at around the 1:17 mark is an added bonus of sweetness; however, the sublime way in which G.O settles softly into the melody, lyrics and story of this song is what I love best about this performance.

~Beautiful blissful Byung Hee~♥


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