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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 479

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In keeping with my look back at the release of Mirror, I offer a six-shot today in .gif form, because one is simply not enough. After the hiatus and reorganization of the group, seeing G.O during the Mirror promotions was like Christmas in June for this fangirl. I know that many view the song (Mirror) as a direct lament to Lee Joon and Cheondung for leaving the group and sure, as the song is about a break up, everyone can make their own conclusions. Nevertheless, the song in and of itself is exquisite. The tight vocals settle comfortably in a beautiful melody with piercing lyrics. Mir’s defiant rap is reminiscent of the dominating rap segments in Stay and This Is War. Mirror is a heart-breaking song that starts as a gentle snowfall and ultimately grows into an avalanche of emotion. And then there were the visuals . . .

G.O’s tender gazes into the camera from the Inkigayo stage on 21 June 2015 were haunting. And, did you notice the gentle chest pump in the opening moments when he began to sing? Oh my . . .

I love seeing G.O in these muted grey tones. Grey, a neutral color on the spectrum, looks ever so warm and inviting on this precious, talented and handsome jewel of an artist. Sighhhhhhh . . .


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