The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 407

Do you ever long to see Lee Tae Kyun again? I have not had him on my mind for awhile but today, a G.O One Shot .gif day, I am in the mood for a little shot of the quiet but ever-dedicated detective from the Cyber Crime Unit in the Korean drama 유령[Ghost/Phantom].

Awwww…that reassuring look that says, ‘it’s ok, here….have some coffee, you’ll feel better.’ I still wonder if MBLAQ had not been going on tour, would the writers have given Tae Kyun a little more love and, in the wake of that, G.O more screen time? Just another one of those sweet mysteries of life, I suppose.

Can’t resist turning this One Shot into a four for one!

Such a sweet, attentive and handsome detective.


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