The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 406

Tonight 우리 사이 어떻게 하죠
[Tonight, what do we do about our relationship?]
자꾸 화만 내는 그대가
[You keep getting mad]
이제는 더 지쳐 가네요
[And I’m getting tired of it now]
나는 정말 어떡해요 난
[What should I do?]

These are words I would think no one would ever want to hear from their beloved. It is a pierce to the heart alone hearing them from G.O; yet, he is dutifully in charge of those lyrics in the lithe and rhythmic break up song, 우리 사이 [Our Relationship], from MBLAQ’s masterpiece 6th mini album, Broken. Even though it is heartbreaking for me to hear G.O sing these words, my ears incessantly argue with my heart. G.O’s vocals are mellifluous and flawless, with his improvisational runs particularly beautiful. With that, even though this is a gorgeous group effort, I still place it squarely in the G.O Vocal Virtuosity category here on the countdown.

I admit that when MBLAQ’s agency (at the time) released the teaser for the MV (an MV they failed to release…grrrrr) I was smitten immediately. The men all in white shirts and deep denim jeans looked explosively handsome seated in a circle as the camera panned around them. It was minimalistic, stark and visually stunning.

I want the MV!!! But ok, breathe . . . .I will settle for the song. The mid-tempo groove is rhythmic, beguiling and yes, even seductive. Of course with G.O opening the song, it immediately sets the tone, pulls at my heartstrings and sweeps me away into the vocal embrace of his tender voice.

Oh my, how about that moment that leads into Mir’s rap . . .

그만 그만 잊어요 우리 힘들던 기억
[Just forget about it, all of our hardships]
다시 사랑할게요
[I will love you again . . .]

Those are powerful words dear sweet music man, and I believe when you sing them, you mean them.


[Video cr. jtunecamp; kimoi212000]

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