The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 408

Mmmmmmm . . . sexy Sexy Beat, how I do love to revisit thee. The music, the style, and the drop dead gorgeous that is G.O, all of it a feast for the senses. For this Fan-Camming Friday, I turn to the fantastic editing skill of the mysterious MemenGO. In June 2013, MBLAQ was blazing hot and ferociously promoting their fifth mini album, Sexy Beat. During that steamy summer month, the men gave fans 7 glorious fan signs (Ilsan, Yeongdeungpo, Jongno, Yeouido, Sinchon, Incheon and Yongsan). Masternim MemenGO’s fan cam mix that I share today contains those moments captured at the June 15-16 and June 21-22 fan signs.

In the past, I have suggested that G.O is the absolute embodiment of yin and yang. I think the June 2013 fan signs kind of capture that feel in that he either wrapped his gorgeous self in black from head to toe or in the gentle shades of a summer sky ~ blue.

Even decked in black, G.O still exudes a softness that is inviting. He radiates warmth. I am not sure I have met anyone who can equal that warmth. It is something that seems to be simply built in to who he is. Then again, I admit that my judgment may indeed be clouded by my extreme bias. And I am so not ashamed to admit that.~^^

You have to admit though, G.O possesses the warmest of warm brown eyes. Ok, before I get too intoxicated here, let me share the fan cam. That is after all the basis of this post for today!

When I securely fell under his spell, one of the things I wanted to experience was meeting G.O at a fan sign. I realize I lost some amazing opportunities of getting the chance to attend a fan sign when things were . . . well, still good back in April 2014, when I was actually in Seoul, and when G.O was perhaps at the peak of happiness and contentment. Don’t get me wrong, attending the fan signs in July 2015 was every bit as exciting and amazing for me. Still, even in my limited fan sign experience, I know that the atmosphere and overall mood was vastly different than fan signs of the past. But then, circumstances were different.

I am confident though that when he returns from his military service, we will see a renewed G.O. A refreshed G.O. An even happier G.O. I look forward to welcoming him back and will continue to move through these remaining 323 days reminding you of his incredible journey, his magnificent talent, his humble graciousness, his warm kindness and his indelible intelligence and wit.

Gosh . . . will 323 days even be enough?


[Image cr. as tagged; Video cr. MemenGO87]

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