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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 386

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Today I ask for forgiveness for just taking an easy route to admire G.O. Yes, something simple. For today, Day 386, I simply want to admire his perfect profile and quiet beauty as captured through the lens of my favorite G.O photographer, A Lucky Day.

One of the many reasons why I adore the work of A Lucky Day is that she knew from the get go that G.O possessed a beauty and talent so deep that it warranted attention, focus and admiration. I only wish she continued documenting his amazing journey through the present. For me, she gave us a treasure chest of amazing and beautiful memories that I continue to be thrilled reviving here. From the 2010 August 13 recording of the Korean mini-drama, Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activity, she captured what I like to call G.O’s perfect profile and quiet beauty.

I’ll admit that this short drama really pulled at my heartstrings because I totally identified with Kim Kwang Ja (minus the husband and daughter part). However, this entire drama would have worked had G.O been the idol of Kwang Ja’s fantasies. For me anyway…just sayin’.~^^

Maybe A Lucky Day will return once G.O completes his service to begin all over again. To start fresh as he too begins a new journey free from agency restrictions, free to explore the untapped well of his art, and free to meet us as not only fans, but as friends. Mmmmm, that would be perfect.

By the way, if you have never seen Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activity, you can watch it here (no subtitles) in two parts:

Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activity – Part One
Housewife Kim Kwang Ja’s Third Activity – Part Two


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