The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 385


If I had my choice of the kind of variety programs I would most prefer seeing G.O grace, it would have to be those that are focused on utilizing his voice, intelligence and humor. His voice is a given. Any time G.O is given the opportunity to sing off the stage is going to thrill me just as much as if he is on the stage. Letting the man use his wit and intelligence pushes his attractiveness quotient up exponentially. G.O’s humor will accompany him each and every time, no matter what the forum, this is true. But those shows that have an eye towards thoughtful subject matter that call upon knowledge say, over opinion . . . well, I love to watch G.O exercise his mind power. When he and Joon guest MC-ed on KBS2 TV’s 위기탈출 넘버원 [Crisis Escape No. 1], we got to see G.O tap into his reasoning and knowledge bank a little, and do so with charm and humor.

Ok…I know that in the early days following debut, such as this, the name of the game was exposure, exposure, fan service, exposure. For me, watching early variety show appearances such as 위기탈출 넘버원 [Crisis Escape No. 1] made me want to see G.O in more knowledge-based programming. But it also made me think how awesome he would be MC-ing his own show or thought-provoking radio program. I still think he should be given air time on the radio waves, specifically something focused on music.

Here, during this 6 December 2010 broadcast of Crisis Escape No. 1, our guest MCs had to come up with logical and correct reasons to what could be potential causes of a variety of health issues such as hair loss and stroke.

Although he was not 100% successful in his responses, I am not surprised G.O came with the correct answer regarding hair loss. Considering he possesses a seriously lush and gorgeous healthy head of hair, I would trust he would know exactly how to avoid losing it!

Still, he took the punishment for incorrect answers in stride and was so completely charming in the wake of it while concurrently rocking that pink vest and neckerchief. Seriously, when adorable and handsome collide, you get G.O.

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[Video cr. abmblaqsubs]

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