The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 387

It is Fan-Camming Friday and time to submerge ourselves in a moment of pure G.O joy. So I will travel back to the Men in Blaq Tour of 2011 where there was nothing but pure happiness pouring out of G.O in the energetic moments captured during One Better Day. To be at the Jamsil Arena that sweet summer evening in August 2011 must have been like soaring through the magic land of G.O charm, sweet smiles and unimaginable delight.

There was simply no way to contain the happy that was churning its way through G.O on the stage that evening. I mean, even if he were not wearing that sparkly hoodie jacket, I think his effervescent smile alone would have lit the room up on its very own.

Seeing this man so engaged, enjoying the incredible and sensational power and energy from the crowd makes my heart soar. This is a perfect feel-good Fan-Camming Friday choice, wasn’t it? Happy Friday everyone!

😍 ~😍 ~😍😍 ~😍 ~😍

~💚 ~

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