The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 366

And with a long and satisfying sigh . . . I can officially say that G.O has completed one full year of his two year military obligation and that he has exactly 365 days remaining. It has been an absolute honor celebrating this incredible young man every day since he entered training camp back on 18 February 2016. In its own little way, each day has almost been like a prayer of gratitude for me. Each day a small way to be thankful that G.O has shared his artistry, his kindness, his charm and his own humble graciousness so very generously with all of us. For today’s very meaningful celebration, I just want to share a little bit of G.O’s angelic presence from MNet’s July 2011 Wide Open Studio on this celebratory Fan-Camming Friday day.

A complete and absolute vision in white, G.O was radiant in the MNet studios that day. The men of MBLAQ were in full Mona Lisa promotion mode and were in the studio that day to talk about the new music, but also to have some ‘open‘ talk about themselves. Always engaging, G.O was charming and honest; however, when the hosts of the show encouraged a few lines from MBLAQ’s single release, the title track of their third mini album, Mona Lisa, G.O obliged by singing a verse from the song. Seriously, it is literally like having the clouds part and an angel descend upon us when G.O sings ~ every note dropping from his gorgeous lips like golden rays of warming sunshine.


From the moment I met him, I have associated G.O with warmth. I have been on this planet for a good many years and can say that I have not found this characteristic in many, especially in this day and age. G.O’s definition of warmth is best displayed by way of his art, his character, and how he conducts his life which is from a place of honesty, and what I feel is G.O being true to his very self. He repeatedly shows us warmth in his interactions with colleagues, contemporaries, family, friends and fans. I am not being facetious when I say that I have yet to meet his equal.

In G.O’s capacity as a public servant completing his mandatory military service, I have no doubts that whatever it is he has been assigned to do he is doing so with great attention, respect, graciousness and yes, warmth.

↑ ↑  ↑ ↑

A truly beautiful capture of G.O’s incandescence by The G.O [Pygmalion].

Congratulations to our beautiful music man on completing his first year of military service! As the countdown continues through his second and final year, I will remain diligent in my support and ask you to join me in continuing to patiently wait for his return.


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