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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 367

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Today marks the one year anniversary of when G.O entered training camp. One year ~~ whooosh! One year ago we said our good-byes (temporarily of course) and now we find ourselves in the final stretch. Come to think of it, there is now less than a year remaining.  It has not been too difficult, right? We can attribute a lot to G.O himself who, even though serving, has been ever thoughtful with his quiet and tactful ways of communicating survival reports. I have thought about this day often because I knew this was going to be the day I would officially announce and invite one of G.O’s devoted fans to travel to Seoul to welcome him back. I have pondered over who I would ask and equally contemplated how I could make the adventure special and memorable.

Initially, I thought it would be fantastic to be at the exact place at the exact hour when G.O is officially discharged. But, what if all that amounted to was him walking out of a military field office, jumping into a car and driving away? Now, don’t get me wrong, that would be totally cool and I am completely down with that because any (and every) moment getting the opportunity to see G.O in person will always be a magical opportunity, no matter how brief. But then I thought, wouldn’t it be better to send someone to Seoul to attend a fan meeting or other event he may hold after he returns? He did say over the course of many of his chat sessions that he wanted a fan meeting before he left, will have a fan meeting and pay for it out of his own pocket (if he had to) and, in his most recent chat back on his birthday in November said he was “planning many things, upon his return. The question is: what will those many things be and how soon after 17 February 2018 will they commence? ><

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My hope is that G.O would plan something really quick following discharge ~ like within a week *no pressure Byung Hee*! This way we can enjoy the excitement of being in Seoul welcoming him back on the actual day of his discharge (which is a Saturday) and then attend an event (or events) in the following week. Well, on 14 February 2017, our charming main vocal man opened up a chat room at MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe and equally opened up about many things. Many, many things. I am not going to rehash all he spoke about here and now, but a very comprehensive translation is available (in four parts: 1, 2, 3, 4). During the chat session, G.O did say that a fan meeting would take place in February 2018.

You know how I believe that G.O never says, does or sings anything without forethought or reason. However, for the sake of having some parameters (and to be safe), the invitation I will extend will be either go to Seoul to welcome G.O back on the actual day of his discharge (17 February 2018); or, attend a subsequent fan meeting or event he may hold at some point thereafter.  If the two should congruently occur, then option three comes into play: BOTH! We must wait . . . and all I can say is, what is an adventure without a little mystery?!

Without further ado, I will allow G.O the honor of announcing who I would like to invite:

I chose Endang because even though she is very quiet about it, she is fierce in her support of G.O. I have known her for a long time now. We both fell prey to G.O’s charms immediately after seeing him in person for the very first time, and he is her one true bias. She has been tirelessly supportive of what I do here on my blog and has encouraged me to pour what little artistic capabilities I may have into sharing what G.O means to me and more importantly, why I need to keep sharing his artistry with the world. Furthermore, she is truly one of the kindest hearts I have met in the fandom. I really want her to have an opportunity to visit Seoul for the first time, and to meet her one true bias, the incomparable G.O.

So Endang . . . contact me so we can begin planning because as you have seen from this first year, time can really fly!


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